Authors Note ~ ciao Guys Chapter 1 and I have to warn te guys this story will contain perverted thoughts, High school humor, Cussing , and High School Teenager/Adult Themes . So I'm just giving te a heads up warning .

So Enjoy the first chapter sorry It's so short. I also need più secrets for Frankie,Clawdeen,Lagoona,Gil, Spectra, Operetta, and Toralei 
       Thank te All so Much for the other ideas ~Cali <3 

Everyone has secrets some are okay just small white lies roaming around in the silver web of them . Just what is bad is when the grow bigger and bigger making it one big sliver lump of webs in your throat , something that te can't choke out .
   Here at Monster High everyone has secrets some larger than others and those are the worst can the keep them o stop them from effecting others, just watch out for the Dirty Little Secrets .

  The First Secret ~ Can te Keep It 

  In the middle of the moonlight outside with lights shinning all around. He places his lips on hers . She never thought this would happen , not a million years , her falling for him it was Impossible and ridiculous  . After a while she whispers in his ear with a weak voice "I'm melting" he quickly releases her from his grasp . "I'm sorry " he says still smirking that she is finally his .  "See te tomorrow " she says and walks into her room . The dirty little secret has just begun.

Abbey stepped into the crowded doors of Monster High . The bright whispers of buzzing students all around her , speaking of things she would normally not care about . They would seize the gossip and just eat it up like Abbey would her preferito meal. It wasn't like she had anything to hide right , the exchange student from up north had no secrets at least none that they haven't heard of yet. Her secret wasn't that bad was it . I mean it wasn't anything bad and wasn't web a relationship it was just a no strings attached deal . A make out with me when I need to have a stress relief wasn't that bad right. 

     Her eyes darted to they boy she promised after school her favors her  so called 'Secret Fuck Buddy' As he called it .  Heath Burns , his name was many things to her hate, love, and sometimes just plain annoying.
She never thought it would happen Especially to do this for him and him only , but now was she starting to have other feelings for the so called flame-fatale . 
  He was slightly every girls dream , the adorable jerky hot head , and now he was all Abbey's but with no feelings . 

     She smiled at him as he winked back . She doesn't have to deal with him till after school . Maybe that is why her grades are dropping from not doing her homework.  

She quickly slipped into Dead Languages right as the campana, bell rang. She took her spot up front like she normally did and placed her scrivania, reception items in an organized fashion . 

She looked around the room at everyone Cleo, Frankie, Deuce, Jackson , Heath , Lagoona... Wait Heath she thought as she turned in the direction of the hot head . 

Shit ,she mentally cursed herself for not taking A.P of this class for secondo period. Well she thought I know what I will be doing Monday in the closet she told herself sighing as Mr. Hackington handed out the syllabus . 

   This is going to be one long semester .