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posted by BitterSweet65
Chapter 14 - Jackson

It happened. The pain wasn't bad, I was drugged for most of it. I looked at him, so happy to finally be in his own body. I was so weak from the procedure, and he was feeding from my life source.

"Holt, please..." I detto weakly.
"What? Give te some life? Please. I've been stuck with te for years and I'm so excited to finally get rid of you."
"You don't have to get rid of me! I'll stay away from te and Frankie, I promise."
"Fine, but only because te keep begging. Stop anyway it makes te look stupid." Holt detto as he cupped a hand over my mouth, giving me back some of my life.

I got up off of the rusty operation table. Rochelle walked up to me and hugged me, some of my blood leaking onto her top.

"I'm so happy I finally have you. Not him at all, just you." She said, baciare my cheek.

"Shall we go back to Monster High?" I said, not thinking about the fact that I wasn't a monster at all now, just a plain old normie.

"Yes, we'll need to explain to the Headmistress." She said, taking my hand and leading me out of the hospital.
posted by GigiGrant724
Frankie Stein walked into monster high for the first time. She had remembered from her magazine that first impressions were important. Frankie took a deep breath and yelled
"Hello everybody!!"
Silence fell. For that moment in time everything froze. Suddenly, everything went back to normal.
"So much for first impressions." Frankie thought as she walked along.
Frankie sighed and opened her locker. she wanted everyone in monster high to know her, but how? Frankie flipped through one of her magazines. Finally, she found the answer. If Frankie joined a big community at the school, she would be well...
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