Monster High Escape From Skull Shores *Monster High RP*

xMiss-IceQueenx posted on Mar 17, 2012 at 01:33AM
Escape from Skull Shores

Hey Everyone out there in the Monster High RPing world. This is an official Escape From Skull Shores RP!

With the story line of Skull Shores where the guys and ghouls get trapped on a terrible deserted island with creepy tiki Individuals and they really strange tour guide man.  Also Frankie is apparently the only way to get rid of the terrible monster that haunts the island and the tiki's want to sacrifice her!

Can everyone survive and get off the island can choose their fate in this RP.


Other Rules 

1. If you are not on the invited list please ask to join using these - -> ( )

2. When I say yes you may join in :D then you can be all the cannon characters you want to RP unless someone else is already RPing them .
3. Please try to RP the characters that are on the Escape From Skull Shores Special first that are going that we know of and then you can choose others that seem to not be going but can in this RP such as Deuce, Spectra, and Heath. The after that you can have 2 OC's if I approve.

4.Please stay on the topic and not go into random gibberish and adding characters I never approved it just sort of irks me sorry :(


My Characters~Frankie, Abbey, Draculara, Gil, Clawdeen, Clawd, and the Creeper Dude also Ghouila if no one else wants her :)  Maybe Jackson.
Beginning Post~

It was the start of Spring Break and everyone was going to The Great Barrier Reef  with Lagoona's Parents and they were all about to board her boat to get their.

Frankie waited with her stuff at the docks with the others as she could not wait to go on her first tropical vacation.

Monster High 1580 risposte

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