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[the films of] Baz Luhrmann

The Avengers ♣ SAIL [500 subs!]

The Avengers || Demons

The Avengers - Seven nation army


Runner, Runner Official Trailer (2013)

Rᴇᴀᴅʏ! Aιᴍ! Fιʀᴇ! 「Star Trek Into Darkness」

► welcome to the new age... [STiD]

Lιɢʜᴛ 'ᴇᴍ ᴜᴘ 「Star Trek Into Darkness」

► Ode to John Harrison

[Kirk&Spock]² • Because te are my friend.

Warm Bodies; Yamaha

[Warm Bodies] I'm in Amore With A Zombie Boy

Warm Bodies ❝All That I Believe❞

[Les Misérables] born to die

[Les Misérables] the children of the barricade | blow

we keep marching on l Les Misérable

Les Miserables || Radioactive

The lupo of bacheca strada, via Official Trailer

EPIC Trailer!

Ishq Shava - Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Official Trailer #2 (2013) - Logan Lerman Movie

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Full Movie

How I've Been Able To Make So Many Independent Films da Richard Linklater

te Cannot Control The Afterlife Of Your Movie da Richard Linklater

Hollywood Is Open To Anyone, As Long As Your Entertainment Makes Money da Richard Linklater

My Girl 1991 - Full Movie

angeli in the outfield - Full Movie

Big Daddy - Full Movie

We Don't Regret Turning Down Any Prior recitazione Roles da Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy on BEFORE MIDNIGHT

40 minuti Of Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy & Richard Linklater talking about making BEFORE MIDNIGHT

August Osage County Official Trailer #1 (2013)

nube, nuvola Atlas Musica

Lord of the Rings - In Dreams (Soundtrack)

♒ My Jolly Sailor Bold ♒【full/extended version cover】

The Great Gatsby trailer

REDIRECTED Movie - Official Teaser Trailer HD (2014)

Film Vs Real life

How The Northern India Drug Epidemic Fueled Our Movie da Amar Sidhu

GENERATION UM... LA Roundtable with Bojana Novakovic & Adelaide Clemens

I'm Pitched Less (& More) Scripts A Week Than te Think da Dennis Quaid

How I Cast Zac Efron & Dennis Quaid in AT ANY PRICE da Ramin Bahrani

GENERATION UM... LA Roundtable with Keanu Reeves & filmmaker Mark Mann

Halloweentown High

DISCONNECT LA Press giorno - Jason Bateman, Max Thieriot, Paula Patton, & Alexander Skarsgård

Chasing Liberty - The Big Gesture

Chasing Liberty - gondola Scene

Chasing Liberty - Ben and Anna - "A moment like this"

Chasing Liberty... If I'm Not Inlove With te

romantic Film

Emma Roberts Dancing

keith - the goodbye scene


Kick-Ass 2 Official International Red Band Trailer #1 (2013)

My preferito Scene From SHE'S ALL THAT

She's All That (Graduation Scene)

Clueless (9/9) Movie CLIP - Josh Kisses Cher (1995) HD

She's the Man (8/8) Movie CLIP - I'm Viola (2006) HD

My fav scenes (romantic comedy movies)

Scene From Tuck Everlasting

Kathryn Bigelow Is Paving The Way For Female Directors da Julie Corman

The Wolverine: International Trailer

How To Get Your Movie Into Sundance da Kyle Patrick Alvarez

How Our Movie Got A 4 Page Write-Up In Filmmaker Magazine da Amar Sidhu

feet can't keep on the ground [SYTYCV Finale]

A Tribute to Remember Me (2010)

All Joker Scenes ~ The Dark Knight

Iron Man 3 Official Trailer #2 (2013)

Iron Man 3 - Official Trailer (HD)

Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In te da Ramona Diaz - 'DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'

Becoming A Rock stella, star At 40 da Ramona Diaz - 'DON'T STOP BELIEVIN': EVERYMAN'S JOURNEY'

Arnel Pineda Represents The Positive In The Filipino Community (Ramona Diaz) 'DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'

Flowizard - Flostatic Overdrive

How Playing The Devil Jumpstarted My Career da Ashley campana, bell

My Documentary Amore AND BANANAS da Ashley campana, bell

Nobody Does Horror Like Eli Roth da Ashley campana, bell

A Role That Feels Dangerous Attracts Me da Ashley campana, bell

The Devil Never Has A Last Exorcism da Ashley campana, bell

The Biggest Mistake A Filmmaker Can Make da Jack Perez

Martin Scorsese's BOXCAR BERTHA da Julie Corman

AFI's 100 Movie Citazioni


movie video~ music:The Heavy - be mine

Advantages Of Film School da Julie Corman

Ask For What te Want o te Won't Get It da Julie Corman

Wolverine - Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

Legend of the Guardians - To The Sky- Owl City

August: Osage County stars

Producing A Movie Begins With A Distribution data da Julie Corman

Kamal Haasan Talks Vishwaroopam: The Complete Film Courage Series

WEST OF MEMPHIS - The Worst Injustice In U.S. History da Amy Berg

WEST OF MEMPHIS 'You Can't Give Up The Things That Make Your Life Magical' Damien Echols/Lorri Davis

Power Of Encouragement da Kamal Haasan

te Don't Know The Result Of Your Cruelty Until It's Too Late da Kamal Haasan

What Indian Cinema Can Teach Hollywood da Kamal Haasan

Everyone Reaches Their Level Of Incompetence da Kamal Haasan

sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza Haven Official Trailer 2

I Make Films I Would Amore To See da Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan Is Planning Vishwaroopam Part II

I Didn't Want To Direct Vishwaroopam da Kamal Haasan