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Breathing space; Ten inch hero

What If The Storm Ends [The Little Mermaid]

A Walk to Remember//The Notebook - Everything

Rick & Evie - With Me

The Princess and the Frog: Sneak Peak Scene

I'd come for you; Sam and Mikaela (Transformers, Transformers 2)

The Uninvited, Anna&Alex: Tears of an Angel

Curious Case of Benjamin Button- I wanna see te as te are now

Sarah & Caleb [the covenant]: with me

Superstar - Mean Girls

Harry&Ginny - HBP

Real Life Fairytale // Robert & Giselle (Enchanted)

Step Up VS Step Up 2; Don't Stop

Shia LaBeouf / Megan volpe - She Can Get It

te Belong With Me - A Cenerentola Story

The Notebook || Stripped

Harry Potter: Times Like These (Dumbledore's Army)

A Sinner, A Saint (Jack/Elizabeth)

Harry Potter - On The Horizon

Marie Antoinette | Sober

A Walk To Remember & P.S. I Amore te - Tears Of An Angel

Rush ora Outtakes

Misconceptions Trailer (more movie footage)

Misconceptions Teaser

Come Back to Me - Will/April (Definitely, Maybe)

Spock [Star Trek XI] - Halo

Anna's Psychosis | I Hear Voices

Anakin/Padme - Goodbye To te

Blue and White - LOTR Cast

Mean Girls // When I Grow Up

Little Wonders // Luke & Rebecca

How to be {only human}

[Harry Potter]- "Breathe into me"

Amore Song Requiem (Edward and Bella)

The Notebook [Allie & Noah]

a walk to remember - we might as well be strangers

Step Up 2 - Shake It

Umbrella - Andie and Chase (Step Up 2)

Allie/Noah [The notebook] - Amore song requiem

Keith & Natalie : Fearless : (Keith)

Noah/Allie (The Notebook) - "What Do te Want?"

9 Crimes - Jack&Elizabeth

The Lady Loves Me - Sparrabeth

A Walk to remember - It's gonna be Amore

Pride and Prejudice - - - te and Me- - -

Pride and Prejudice - Last thing on my mind

sophie/chase/andie - sk8er boy

In the City [Olive ; Little Miss Sunshine]

Clips from "Sybil"

Bridge to Terabithia (Full Movie)

All we are Carter&Rosie

Natalie & Keith

Closer | Edward & Bella

peter and mary-jane - lonely tonight

Pride & Prejudice - Untouched

Radar (Andie & Chase)

Dark On fuoco ; Pride&Prejudice

Arrogance, Pride and Vanity

Breathe (Pride and Prejudice - Lizzie x Darcy )

Pride and Prejudice Crystal

The Notebook & A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember/ Nur mit Dir- Jamie and Landon

can u handle it-andie n cha$e!!!

New Moon-The Lightning Strike (Bella/Edward)

Jack Sparrow ♥ Ding Ding Dong Song

elizabeth & jack - I do not hook up

Sparrowbeth - ( Jack and Elizabeth )

Shattered [Edward/Bella]

Sugar on my tongue | Allie & Noah

She Is The Sunlight (Pride & Prejudice / Becoming Jane)

Funny Games U. S. (2007) Full Movie

She´s the man - Boom Boom

Reign Over Me - Streets of Philadelphia

Waking Up In Vegas [What Happens In Vegas] - B&M collab

even if saving te sends me to heaven ; danny&evelyn (pearl harbor)

The Lonely Shepherd (Kill Bill Soundtrack) Gheorghe Zamfir

Dominic and Letty - Reverse of shades

Black Heart, why would te offer more?; Jack&Elizabeth

Black Heart, why would te offer more?; Jack&Elizabeth

10 TIHAY | Promise (Patrick/Kat)

KEITH - ride

Heath Ledger Tribute: Angel

Step Up 2 | Thunder (Chase/Andie)

Keith | The memory will never die (Keith/Natalie)

Marie Antoinette|| Fashion

300-A Graphic Video About The Men Who Conquered Glory-UPCLOSE

Darcy and Elizabeth (Stop and Stare) - Pride and prejudice

Angel Tears - Mr Darcy's Letter

elizabeth & jack - story of a pirate

all that I am Noah & Allie

Twenty Three - Peter/Mary Jane

With Me (Elizabeth Bennet/Mr. Darcy)

Willabeth - Shattered

Amore te Madly (Jack/Elizabeth)

Amore game sparrabeth

Tears of An Angel- Landon and Jamie

Noah/Allie & Landon/Jamie

A Walk To Remember: Landon & Jamie - Only Hope

your guardian Angel a walk to remember

Guardian Angel - J/E W/E