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posted by tezzapot
OMG! Murtagh is FRIGGN' SEXY!!! Fav. Character. EVAR! I tottally think him and Nasuada should hook up. Of course, if they did my cuore would break, and i'm probably a MUCH better kisser than her, but they they suit eachother so well! He so obviously loves her, and she NEEDS some MAN in her life!!!!
Every one i know describe him along the lines of: Cute, dark, hansom, misterious and mother-fu**ing SEXY as HELL!!!
Well that's all folks! Bye! See ya! Toodles! Cheerio! Oh Beat it would ya!!!

All people hate (if we ignore some buddist monks for the convinience of introductory statement), but hater is a name someone gets for hating something (especially a book, musician, character,...) and than making sure everybody knows s/he does.
Your typical hater will not give te an argumented reason, but will insist on the object of hatred is stupid/ugly/weird.
Haters are often trolls (or trolls are often haters. decide da yourself) and will intentionaly post their opinion where it will couse the most aversion and/or provocation. On Fanpop, that is of course, on the spot where fan of the...
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