At alfea in the early morning.

Flora: *Yawns*
Musa: *Yawns*
Flora: Good morning musa
Musa: Good morning flora
Flora: Did te sleep well?
Musa: Kinda...I had a weird dream.
Bloom: *Yawns* ciao girls, good morning.
Both: Good morning Bloom
Flora: So what was your dream about musa?
Musa: Well... I dreamed that Riven was with another girl that I am pretty sure I had seem before, but I don't know who she was
Flora: Don't worry musa, I know that Riven likes te and isn't with other girl, he's tough in the outside as a solid rock but when it's about you, he is just so sweet with you.
Bloom: Yeah.. everytime he sees you, he blushes
Musa: Do te really think that?
Bloom: I'm sure
-Smiles and gives her a hug-
Musa: I worry too much cuz I don't wanna lose him.
-Flora joins them in there hug-
Flora: We will always be there for you?
Musa: Thanks girls
-Smiled sweetly-


Stella: Girls... I have an idea of what we can go do in this boring day?
-The other girls turn to look at her
-Bloom: No shopping stella
-Stella look her amazed-
Stella: I wasn't going to say that
-Said offended-
Bloom: Oh yeah... so what is it then?
Stella: uuuuumm... go shopping.........
-Said in a low voice with a small smile on her face-
-Everybody giggles-
Techna: I know what we are going to do today
-With a big smile on her face
-Everybody except Techna: What?
- They detto with happiness-
Techna: Just look at the window

The boys at the spaceship

Timmy: We have arrived to our destination
Riven:Great to hear
Brandon: Look... there is my sweet princess
Stella: Honey bunny!!!!
Brandon: ciao there, my little princess
-Every couple hugs and kisses except but Flora and Helia, and Riven and Musa-
Sky: So are we going to have an adventure today o are te planning to stay and study?
Bloom: Of course we wanna go out, but where?
Timmy: We choose a certain place where te would enjoy it Brandon: The spiaggia
- Every girl starts jumping and smiling-

Every girl brings her costume da bagno and then they went off.

At the beach

Flora: This is beautiful
-Said with a smirk on her face-
Helia: I know, it certainly is
- They both look at each other and they both blush, and look at different directions-
Stella: How do I look in my costume da bagno Brandon?
Brandon: te look like te always had, beautifully gorgeous Stella: aaaww... I Amore te my dear
Brandon: Me too, my little princess
-The couple hugged and went off to the water-

Musa: te wanna come?
Riven: No thanks, that's just not my
Musa: nothing it's your thing
-she murmured and got mad and sad-
Flora: Everything alright?
Musa: I think so...
Flora: Something happened?
Musa: Well.. te know that dream I had...?
-Flora nodded-
Musa: Well... I'm starting to believe it's true. The way Riven treats me almost all the time, I just can't understand him..
-She let a tear came rolling down-
Flora: It's gonna be ok musa
-Flora hugged her-
Musa: I hope that giorno will come, when everything could be alright.
Flora: Musa, if it makes te feel better.. I think Helia doesn't want anything with me either
Musa: Why te say that?
-Flora let a tear came down too-
Flora: He's always trying to avoid me
Musa: Why?
Flora: I don't know, but what am I really sure about is that te and me have to go together to the water and have fun and let the stress go out for a moment and just smile and have fun darling.
-Flora wiped away the tear-
Musa: Your right Flora
-said with a grin on her face-

And so the girls went to the water with the others while Helia was drawing the full view, Riven was just taking a nap under a big umbrella and Techna and Timmy were playing with the sand.

Bloom: Why the guys didn't unisciti us too?
Musa: They're just to men for water
-Everybody kept silence cuz they knew what Musa was talking about-

The trix

-They were observing through a magic ball what the winx were doing-

Icy: So.. what we should do now girls?Ruin their fun?
Stormy: That sounds fun to me, ruin the winx fun to have fun
Darcy: Well we shouldn't waste più time -The trix starts laughing evilly-

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