Musa's POV
"Go Musa!" A boy yelled. Diving in front of me as he took the Slash of a rosa sword. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" I yelled as I woke up from a horrid dream. "Musa!? Musa what's wrong?!" Bloom asked as she ran into my room. "I-I just had a nightmare." I responded. Bloom put her hand on my head. "You're pretty warm, what was your dream about?" "Well, I was running through this tunnel that was slowly getting smaller. Then a boy with black hair with red streaks on his arms colomba in front of me and was stabbed da a rosa sword." I informed feeling weaker with every word. Flora and Roxy came in and both gave me a hug. I smiled a bit and asked "Is there any meaning to my dream?" "Probobly not, but we should take this seriosly. Try to get some rest Musa." Roxy awnsered. I lay down and thought. I soon fell asleep.