Musa's POV
I giggled. I was haveing so much fun. "MUSAAAAAA!!!" I spun around only to see Joel on the ground....dead. Tears fled down my face. When I saw Riven with his sword, I knew what he had done. "You MONSTER!" "Musa, calm down-" "That is if I will calm down!!!" I could feel a swelling in my chest that burst out as I yelled. "WINX BELIEVIX!!!!!" In a flash of light I was in my beleivix form. I felt più power than usual. I could feel my rage blow out of my body as I cried.
Riven's POV
I've never seen Musa this angry before. Her wings had sharp edges and instead of her usual colors, her clothes and wings were black and red. I looked into Musa's eyes that were now red and cat shaped. I coulden't find any mercy. All I saw was anger, agony, and hate. I would usually attack but I coulden't kill my girlfriend. I ran for help, but with Musa chaseing me, I wasen't sure what to do. "Harmonic ATTACK!" She blasted a car trying to kill me. Soon did what weakens Musa the most. I didn't want to but I did. I found the closest instrument and broke it "I HATE MUSIC!!!" I yelled. Musa yelped and held her side but still flew. I broke almost all the musical instruments. Musa fell to the ground.