Can te lista your preferito (or preferito few) song(s) from each genre te like?

Pop: Gwen's Whatchya Waitin' For
Rock: Nothing More's This Is The Time & Evanescnce's Whispers
Country: Kid Rock's All Summer Long
Kpop: 2ne1's I Amore te & Big Bang's Fantastic Baby
Jrock: Dazzle Vision's secondo & Dir En Gray's Obscure
Chillstep: Newag3's Starz
JPop: W's Ai no Imi wo Oshiete & Mini Moni's Bus Guide
Screamo: Cadeveria's Spell
Black Metal: Theatres Des Vampire's La Danse Macabre
Symphonic Metal: WT's Our Farewell & Delain's Generation Me
Gothic Metal: Saints of Ruin's Riding On the Sun
Folk Metal: Eluvetie's Thousandfold
Folk: Loreena's Murmurer's Dance & Troll Bends Fir's Kamarinskay
Bubblegum Dance:'s Coconut
Hip Hop/Rap: Krayshawan's Bumpin, 2 Chainz's We Own It, & Kid Ink's Money and Power
Dubstep: Lisa's Still Alive, Skrillex's Scary Monsters, & Vexare's te Wouldn't Know Me
Techno: Paffendorff's La La La Girl & Dj Satomi's castello In The Sky
Trance: Armin's In and Out of Amore & Emma Hewitt's Still Remember
Hardstyle: TNT's Punk cuore Fanatic, Atmozfearz's This is the Time, & Headhunterz's Reginite
Vocaloid: Meiko's Evil Cibo Eater Conchita & Gumi's Meltdown
Celtic: Fiddler's Green's stella, star Of The Countydown
Eurodance: Alice Deejay's Better Off Alone
Eurovision: Uzari's Time
Witch House: Black Celing's Body Electric & Grime's Genisis
House: Inna's 10 Minutes
Punk: Brody Dalle's Don't Mess With Me
(Post) Hardcore: Watchout There's Ghosts' I Ruin Dreams & Bring Me The Horizon's Shadow Moses
Industrial: Centhron's Slutbutt & FLA's Electric Dreams & Nachtmahr's Can te Feel The Beat
Sythpop: Blutengel's Seelenschmerz
Dreampop: A Sunny giorno In Galsow's The Body It Bends
Alternative Rock: The Chili's Under The Bridge
Grunge: Nirvana's Dumb
Reggae: Natty Bong's Blue Jeans (Cover)
Atmospheric Doom Metal: Lethian Dream's White Gold
Heavy Metal: Battle Beast's Let It Roar
Power Metal: Ascentions' Listen to Your cuore & Pathfinder's Moonlight Shadow
Gregorian: Gregorian's Cover of Clocks
80's Rock: Poison's
 Can te lista your preferito (or preferito few) song(s) from each genre te like?
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