Musica Who is your biggest musical hero?

Pick one:
Adam Ant
Freddie MErcury
Brian May
Boy George
Jimi Hendrix
Eddie Vedder
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Neil Young
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Geddy Lee
Added by kaylabeebee
Eddie furgone, furgone, van Halen
Added by philco11
Bryce Avary
Added by jameswilson
Trent Reznor
Added by Charlottka
Anthony Kiedis (:
George Harrison
Added by mod_or_rocker
Delta Goodrem
Added by liznchase
Adam Gontier and Nikki Sixx
Adam Gontier and Nikki Sixx
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Kurt Cobain
Added by api
Chad Kroeger
Added by Jody866
Talor veloce, veloce, veloce, swift
Talor veloce, veloce, swift
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Kate Voegele
John Legend
John Legend
Billie Joe Armstrong
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John Lennon
John Lennon
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Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)
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Pete Townshend
Added by atari
Dave Gilmour! :)
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Cé line Dion
Céline Dion
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RYAN ROSS!!!!!!!!!!1
Added by iluvryry
Gerard Way
Gerard Way
Added by DWLoverTBCEDT
BRENDAN URIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ringo starr
ringo starr
Added by kelsey887
David Cook!
Added by Dragondaisy
Axl Rose
Added by teNaxx
Hayley Williams
Added by iloveallshows
Boys Like Girls
Added by nikki1995
Michael Jackson
Added by caligurl16
Amy Lee
Amy Lee
Added by emo_grl_4eva
Jack Barakat (he inspired me so much!)
Added by TokioSmosh
ringo starr
Added by LozzaCullen
Avril Lavigne
Added by emmett
ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!
Added by lambertglam
Pauley Perrette
Added by p690327p
Danny Elfman
Added by pumpkinqueen
Beyoncé from video phone
Kelly Clarksonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!:D
Brandon fiori
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Myah Marie! <3
Added by RnBStar13
Alanis Morissette
Added by Surpr1zzm33
Amy Lee & amp; Freddie Mercury
Amy Lee & Freddie Mercury
Added by xangelx
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Lady Gaga
Added by lucyxxx
Amy Lee and the REV
Amy Lee and the REV
Céline Dion
Added by lhotplover
Mark Knopfler
Added by Bond_Of_Fury
Added by tonyziva1234
Christina Aguilera
Added by Legendtina
Chester See
Added by _Shrimpykid_
Jim Morrison
Added by trapsexual
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Added by TBUGoth
Billie Joe Armsrtong, Mike Dirnt, Tre' Cool
Added by mynameissonic
Brian Wilson
Added by megann1992
Hugh Laurie
mikey way
Added by MCRlover4300
Sharon tana, tana, den Adel
Added by zanhar1
Johnny Cash
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