Musica Some of my favourite songs that start with 'U': Which do te like the best?

Pick one:
U + UR Hand - P!nk
Ugly on the Ouside - the Judybats
Ultima Esperanza - the Dresden bambole
Unchained Melody - the Righteous Brothers
Unconditional - the Bravery
Undenied - Portishead
Under African Skies - Paul Simon
Under Pressure - David Bowie and Queen
Under the Boardwalk - the Drifters
the Underdog - Spoon
Underneath It All - No Doubt
Undo - Björk
Unemployed Boyfriend - Everclear
Unhappy Birthday - the Smiths
Unknown Brother - the Black Keys
Unpretty - TLC
Unstoppable - Santogold
Up Around the Bend - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Up From Under - the Wallflowers
Uprising - Muse
Uptight - Stevie Wonder
Upward Over the Mountain - Iron & Wine
Us and Them - rosa Floyd
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