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(All rights go to Pen Stroke on I do not own "Past Sins".)

“I told te we shouldn’t have used her,” arcobaleno Dash barked at Applejack.

“Oh hush up,” applejack snapped back. “She was the only unicorn we could find who had a special talent for magic, and even that was a long shot.”

“So, my little ponies,” Nightmare Moon began, ending the disagreement and forcing the five mares to take notice of her, “what am I going to do with you?”

“Do whatever te want, te can’t make us talk!” Dash shouted defiantly.

“Yeah!” Pinkie Pie agreed, only to look quizzically at arcobaleno Dash a moment later. “Wait, what would we talk to her about?”

“Pinkie Pie, shhhh.”

Nightmare Moon chuckled. “Your bickering alone is very amusing to me. How would te five like to be my personal court jesters? I’ll even let te have visitation rights with Twilight Sparkle.”

“Your Majesty, the law dictates that there is only one punishment for those who dare to attack you.”

Nightmare Moon turned her attention to the voice, seeing it was one of her body guards. She was surprised they had actually lingered nearby after her faked defeat. She would have expected them to bolt for the castello to inform Spell Nexus of what had happened. Still, they had remained and were now bowing down to her respectfully.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Nightmare Moon turned her attention away from the guards that were interrupting her fun. “Let me guess, this is one of Nexus’s laws.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” one of her guards confirmed.

“And what does this law say?”

“That any pony that attacks your royal grace is to meet the gallows,” the other guard answered.

“Did… did he just say… gallows?” Rarity asked in a hushed, disbelieving whisper.

applejack nodded. “He… he did, sugarcube.”

“B-b-but what about the animali at my cottage?” Fluttershy asked as she started to tear up in panic. “There are some that need their medicine. I have to go take care of them. There is a little furetto that needs his bandages changed a-and there are song birds that are just about ready to take their first flight. What will happen if I’m not there to catch them if they fall?”

“You be strong, sugarcube. I promise all those little animali will get along just fine,” applejack tried to reassure her. “Just… just like how Big Mac, mela, apple Bloom and Granny Smith will get along. It will be hard, ‘specially when the successivo Applebucking Season comes. I-I don’t think Big Macintosh will be able to handle all them trees himself, but mela, apple Bloom's gettin’ big. She’ll be buckin’ apples any anno now. She’ll be able to help.”

“But… but I can’t go to the gallows!” Rarity wailed in a panic. “I just can’t! I can’t leave my family behind like that!”
“And who will throw the parties when I’m gone?” Pinkie Pie asked, her usually curly hair starting to deflate and fall straight.

“Who's going to make the cake when I'm gone? The Cakes will have their anniversary party soon, and there is a wedding party that we have to cater, and then there is a birthday party for Lyra, and—”

“What’s wrong with all of you!?” arcobaleno Dash bellowed at her friends. She got to her hooves and flared her wings. “We can’t give up! We can take her without the elements!”

arcobaleno Dash leapt at Nightmare Moon. She arched her hoof back, making it very clear she intended to punch, punzone Nightmare Moon square in the jaw. Nightmare Moon, however, made no effort to dodge o anatra arcobaleno Dash’s attack, for she didn’t have to.

Before arcobaleno could lay a hoof on Nightmare Moon, the two royal guards rushed inoltrare, avanti and tackled her. They pinned

arcobaleno Dash against the ground, and even though she struggled to try and free herself, the stallions were too strong. She had no hope to escape, and finally the reality of the situation started to settle in. “We… we’ve lost.”

applejack sniffled and rubbed her hoof across her nose. She was doing her best not to cry, to be the strong one for her friends, but she was losing that fight. “I’m sorry, Rainbow, but that’s what it looks like.”

“But this isn’t fair,” Dash complained. She began to struggle against the guards again as tears formed in her eyes. “I was going to go to the Wonderbolt tryouts this summer. I was going to be a Wonderbolt, and I promised Scootaloo that I would teach her how to fly like I do when her wings were stronger. I promised her that I would, and… and who's going to clear the weather in Ponyville if I'm not around?”

arcobaleno Dash’s domande were the final straw. Applejack, who had been struggling to be strong, broke like a thin twig. She began to cry with her friends, and Nightmare Moon watched as all five mares crumbled under the cost their attempted rebellion would incur. And, as she watched them, Nightmare Moon knew she should have been happy. She should have been enjoying the sight of their suffering.
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(As before, Twilight and Spike were told to go to a warehouse and bring supplies to the Ponyville Military) The purple alicorn was getting her saddle bag ready while Spike was making sure they had everything they would need. ,"Spike, Is there anything we're missing?" Sparkle asked the baby dragon ,"No it looks like we are ready" the two opened the door and walked out into Ponyville. As the two were walking Pinkie Pie stopped ,"Hey Twilight, wow thats a lot of stuff te have where are te going?" Twi gave a occupied expression on her face.

,"Pinkie, I'm sort of busy can we talk some other time?"...
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[Lets leave the 3 ponies, Tropical breeze, red rose and coffee cream for a few minuti and go up to Cantorlot hospital, where Twilight sparkle lay motion less with doctors surrounding her. Flash sentry was trying to get a look at what was going on but the doctors restrained him from seeing]

"What's going to happen to her!" Flash demanded. "You have been running tests for hours! Something must have shown up!" Twilights doctor, Dr. M.M Mystery, sighed and looked down at his clipboard That was in his hoofs. "Mr. Sentry, the best I can tell te is that she is most Likely to survive."

Flash looked...
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 Blue Bolt, the newest resident of Ponyville
Blue Bolt, the newest resident of Ponyville
Last story was halfway good, so this time I'm making it to where Blue Bolt's personality is fully revealed in this story. It all starts with Bolt arriving in Ponyville. He is new here, so he doesn't know much about the town o the residents. He is very shy, so he was nervous to talk to anyone. He thought his way of speech would make him appear weird. So he enters the house he was promised da some pony who had blue curled hair and wore red glasses. He doesn't know who she was, but he will learn soon!

Bolt: This is a nice house. Who was she anyways? I just hope the residents are nice...

It is daytime,...
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The snow fell calmly from the nightly sky as Score Heights was asleep in her bed. The full moon's light broke the shadows of her room and lit it up with the warmth of Luna's magic. The light eventually shifted to Score's face as she rolled over, disturbed da light. For a moment, she paused, hoping to go back to sleep when she remembered that it was her birthday today, December 4th. She rolled over again to look at her clock. "12:00 AM," she muttered under her breath, then yawned and rolled back over to go back to sleep.

She then popped up screaming; "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" She jumped up and down...
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As it seems some things have gone out of hand the past mese o so, I would like to call out a cease and desist for all those involved with the recente events having to do with xFluttershyx

All those who have shown rage towards her, leave her alone. I include myself in this criteria of people, and I formally proclaim a public apology for any harm our commenti may have caused upon you.

All those who have been "defending" her, this cease and desist goes out to te as well. There is no need for te to blindly meddle in affairs te don't rightly know about.

This cease and desist goes out to xFluttershyx...
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"Time to take a test Twilight," detto the stallion as he took of his cappuccio da using telekineses the stallion had a spiky red mane a black and red tail and purple make upin shapes of upside down tears,"Hey are te going to ask what my name is Twilight," asked the stallion,"oh yeah ummm may i ask whats your name?","Finnaly an answer I could answer I'm Axel so are te ready?" asked Axel again,"Uhh yeah I guess since I never failed one before." detto Twilight. Axel took a step back and cherged up to chakrams,"well than Lets get going!" Axel detto as Twilight had her thing to deafend herself with book...
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Credit: JakeLionsWorld ; A pony parody version of Feel Good Inc da Gorillaz.
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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Credit: Felix24148 ; A compilation of Derpy from MLP: FiM and fan-made works.
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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