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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Sean The Hedgehog presents

Based off the roleplay da Applejackrocks1

Hedgehog In Ponyville, and the Grand Galloping Gala

Dedicated to Jade Gordon

I miss her so much :(

It was one of those days in winter where all the water was freezing. I had to stop Discord from one of his crazy schemes.

Discord: *enters building*
Sean: *waits da door*
Discord: *pulls switch*
Sean: The building is going into the ground! *hops on roof*

I snuck into what seemed to be Discord's layer. It was underground.

Robotnik: Guten Tag Discord.
Discord: Dr! So good to see te again!! How is everything?
Robotnik: Wunderbar, but listen. I need to sneak my soldiers into Equestria, can te help me?
Discord: Yes I can. The ponies are preparing for something called the Grand Galloping Gala. That will be our perfect time to strike!
Robotnik: Very well
Sean: (What's the Grand Galloping Gala?)
Discord: How many units would te like to send above ground with me?
Robotnik: Twenty.
Discord: As te wish.

Twenty Nazi soldiers marched into the building Discord walked into, and soon we were going above ground.

Sean: I have to warn the ponies about this!
Discord: *opens door* Are te sure te don't want any hot Cioccolato before te leave?
Sean: *hops off building*
Nazi: Nein. We have our orders to set up base da the train station.
Sean: da the train station?
Nazi: Was that a voice? *spots Sean*
Sean: *runs*
Discord: What are te waiting for?! GET HIM!!
Nazis: *fire guns*
Sean: *fires back*
Discord: Keep shooting! The ice is cracking!!
Sean: *kills two Nazis*
Nazi captain: Get him now!!
Sean: *runs across*
Nazis: *shoot ice*
Sean: *slips* Whoa!
Nazis: *shooting ice*
Sean: *shoots Nazi* They're so far I might hit the ice instead of them.
Nazi captain: Get me a sniper rifle.
Nazis: *give captain rifle*
Nazi captain: *looks through scope* He's gone.

I ran away. I knew someone had to be told this, and who else but the mane six?

2 B continued
 Sean on Frozen water
Sean on frozen water
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In honor of Jhaller getting over 100,000 subscribers, all of his superiore, in alto ten pony video of 2013 are here.
arcobaleno dash
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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One night, in one of the huts, me, Shredder, and arcobaleno Dash were in a room with all the potatoes. We were trying to make moonshine.

After a few attempts, they decided to try out their drink.

Sean: *Drinks small amount of moonshine* Wow.
Shredder: *drinks moonshine* Wow!
Rainbow Dash: *Drinks moonshine, then coughs* Wow!

Next morning.

Shredder: *Sets up table*
Sean: *Sets up Equestrian Flag*
Rainbow Dash: *Carrying drums*
Sean: *Carrying flute*
Shredder: *Has garbage can set as cannon, then shoots the lid off*
Ponies: *Coming out of huts*
Sean: *Blows in flute*
Shredder: Ten hut! March!
Sean: *Playing...
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Big Buffy Soldier Dancing On bambini
arcobaleno dash
my little pony
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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Luna must really like this song
my little pony
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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The whole movie! I was so excited the first time I saw it!!
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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A mashup of Raise This Barn, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia
my little pony
My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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Source: Original Owners (NOT ME!!)
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Source: Original Owners (NOT ME!!)
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Link to part 5: link

After winning the semi finals, Ditto took his team out to celebrate at pizza Hut.

Ditto: It was a really great game, and I'm proud of all of you.
Sunny: Thanks coach.
Silver: And we'll mostra those Spiders what we're capable of.
Ditto: Yeah.
Thomas: Man I still can't believe that serve te made on the net, and how the ball was just rolling on it. That was cool.
Erik: Well, when your teammate is good at serving, things happen. te know?
Thomas: I guess that's true. I have made the ball land on the net a few times, and it has rolled to the center, falling on the other team's side....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Link to part 4: link

Next morning, Ditto's team was in the semi finals.

News Pony: When do we start filming?
News pony 4: Right now.
Camera Pony: *Aims camera at the newsanchor*
News pony 4: In 5. 4. 3. 2.
Camera Pony: *Starts filming*
News pony 4: The following program was recorded in high definition.
News Pony: This is Mike Richards with Allen Wood live at the semi finals of the E.V.L.
News pony 2: It's the Canterlot Humans versus the Boston Icebergs. Starting off the game is the Icebergs as they serve the ball, but it ends up going out of bounds.
News Pony: A good start for the Humans, but...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Part 2: link

Outside of Ditto's house, he was still training his team.

Ditto: Now for this part of our practice we're going to practice setting the ball. When it comes towards you, just stick your front legs up in the air, and push the ball away with your hooves. Make sure it goes high enough when te push it. Any questions?
Sunny: I got one. Why are te telling us to push the ball instead of hitting it?
Ditto: Because, hitting, and pushing are two different things. When te hit the ball, te make it go at a far distance. When te push it, you're making it go far in altitude. That's good for passing...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Theme Song:

Master Sword: Come on Tom, let's go meet the others.
Tom: Right behind you.
Double Scoop: *Standing on strada, via corner*
Aina: *Runs out of her house*
Sunny: Hey, wait for me. *Flying in the middle of the street*
Saten Twist: *Polishing his chain saw, but stops to go meet the others*
Pleiades: *Arrives at corner*
Mortomis: *Standing successivo to Double Scoop*
Tom: più ponies!!
Snow Wonder: *Arrives in a brand new Corvette*
Cosmic Rainbow: *Flies from the clouds*
Heartsong: *Climbs out of a manhole*
Annie: *Arrives on a bicycle*
Blaze: *Flies...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Welcome to the block. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering, clapping, and whistling*
Master Sword & Tom Foolery: *Standing in front of a house*
Master Sword: ciao everypony. Guess what we're starting this episode off with.
Audience: A party?
Tom: No.
Audience: A crossover parody?
Master Sword: Not yet.
Tom: We're starting off with-
Master Sword: A
Tom: What?

Video: start it at 0:40

People: BLOWJOB! *Fake coughing* Blowjob!!
Audience: *Laughing, clapping, cheering, and whistling*

Turn off the video

Tom: We're starting...
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