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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Well, after my fight with Miller I was sent to the principal's office. Mr. Dwight, and Mrs. Stricker was in the office with me, and my mom.

Mr. Dwight: Well, if it wasn't settled already, it is now. Rafe, you're being expelled from Hills Village Middle School-
Rafe: YES!! Thank te so much!! te have no idea how pathetic this school is!
Mrs. Stricker: You're only expelled for the rest of the year.
Mr. Dwight: Rafe can continue his assignments, and work on them at home. And of course, te can reenroll him in sixth grade in the fall.
Rafe: No.
Mom: Rafe, we don't have any other choice.

Then Mr. Dwight's phone buzzed

Mr. Dwight: Yes?.... Tell her we're in a parent meeting.
Ms. Donatello: *Arrives* I'll make it quick. I understand this is a private conference, but I'd like to offer one suggestion on Rafe's behalf.
Mom: Please do.
Ms. Donatello: I was going to bring this up later in the quarter, but now seems to be the time. *puts brochure on desk*
Rafe: *Reading brochure* Airbrook?
Ms. Donatello: This could be a perfect enviornment for Rafe. You'd have to take a longer bus ride, but I think you'll like it there.
Mrs. Stricker: Excuse me. Rafe is being expelled. Are te saying he should be rewarded for his behavior?
Ms. Donatello: Not at all. I'm saying he has talent. I've seen a lot of drawings from him, and they're amazing.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell te that I draw a lot.

Mom: I wasn't sure If I should bring this up o not, but I think now is the right time. *shows Operation R.A.F.E book*
Mrs. Stricker: Well, this explains a lot.
Mom: Actually, that's not the point. These drawing could be used in Rafe's portfolio?
Rafe: A portfolio?
Ms. Donatello: A collection of your artwork.
Mr. Dwight: Mrs. Khatchadorian, you've obviously welcome to enroll Rafe anywhere you'd like, but te must understand the gravity of his actions here.
Mom: I do, but I have to agree with him. This place is a terrible school.
Rafe: Mom?
Mom: It's ok Rafe.
Mr. Dwight: *Slams desk* Get out, both of you! Rafe Khatchadorian is not allowed near this school at all forever!

And that was that. I didn't have to go to Hills Village at all anymore. I was going to be enrolled to Airbrooks, and Carl moved out for good. He even forgot his secret stash of Zoom. Could my life get any better?

The End
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