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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Well, after my fight with Miller I was sent to the principal's office. Mr. Dwight, and Mrs. Stricker was in the office with me, and my mom.

Mr. Dwight: Well, if it wasn't settled already, it is now. Rafe, you're being expelled from Hills Village Middle School-
Rafe: YES!! Thank te so much!! te have no idea how pathetic this school is!
Mrs. Stricker: You're only expelled for the rest of the year.
Mr. Dwight: Rafe can continue his assignments, and work on them at home. And of course, te can reenroll him in sixth grade in the fall.
Rafe: No.
Mom: Rafe, we don't have any other choice.

Then Mr. Dwight's phone buzzed

Mr. Dwight: Yes?.... Tell her we're in a parent meeting.
Ms. Donatello: *Arrives* I'll make it quick. I understand this is a private conference, but I'd like to offer one suggestion on Rafe's behalf.
Mom: Please do.
Ms. Donatello: I was going to bring this up later in the quarter, but now seems to be the time. *puts brochure on desk*
Rafe: *Reading brochure* Airbrook?
Ms. Donatello: This could be a perfect enviornment for Rafe. You'd have to take a longer bus ride, but I think you'll like it there.
Mrs. Stricker: Excuse me. Rafe is being expelled. Are te saying he should be rewarded for his behavior?
Ms. Donatello: Not at all. I'm saying he has talent. I've seen a lot of drawings from him, and they're amazing.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell te that I draw a lot.

Mom: I wasn't sure If I should bring this up o not, but I think now is the right time. *shows Operation R.A.F.E book*
Mrs. Stricker: Well, this explains a lot.
Mom: Actually, that's not the point. These drawing could be used in Rafe's portfolio?
Rafe: A portfolio?
Ms. Donatello: A collection of your artwork.
Mr. Dwight: Mrs. Khatchadorian, you've obviously welcome to enroll Rafe anywhere you'd like, but te must understand the gravity of his actions here.
Mom: I do, but I have to agree with him. This place is a terrible school.
Rafe: Mom?
Mom: It's ok Rafe.
Mr. Dwight: *Slams desk* Get out, both of you! Rafe Khatchadorian is not allowed near this school at all forever!

And that was that. I didn't have to go to Hills Village at all anymore. I was going to be enrolled to Airbrooks, and Carl moved out for good. He even forgot his secret stash of Zoom. Could my life get any better?

The End
posted by Seanthehedgehog
At a classic car mostra in Baltimare, a lot of ponies were enjoying theirselves. A song was playing

Song: link

Blazin' Blue: *Sitting da his car*
Saten Twist: *Sitting da his car, and a sign*
Filly: *Reading sign* Vote for my car to win, o te will be killed da a chain saw. Mommy, what's a chain saw?
Mother: Never mind. *Walks away with filly*
Saten Twist: Maybe I overdid it with the sign.
Ryan: *Arrives in his car, and parks between Blazin' Blue, and Saten Twist*
Blazin' Blue: *Stands up*
Ryan: *Gets out of car*
Saten Twist: Where have te been? te almost got disqualified for being late.
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I don't own this video, I just didn't think it was postato here before and yelling at Gatti makes awesome music.
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yelling at Gatti
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posted by Mylittlecute12
Twilight and Fluttershy enter the tower.
"Hello is anypony home"? asked, Fluttershy.
"Look the staircase"! said, Twilight.
"Fluttershy te keep guard up here while I'll go down the stairs" said, Twilight.
"Okay" whispered, Fluttershy.
"I better be careful I don't wanna fall again". said, Twilight." I hope Twilight is okay I don't want her to get hurt". whispered, Fluttershy.
(evil laughing)
Fluttershy "screams".
"Fluttershy"! yells, Twilight.
Twilight runs back up the stairs.
But when she trys running up the stairs, they just keep going down like everlasting steps.

"Help!!!!!!!!!!!" screams, Fluttershy.

To be continued.........
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posted by bluethunder25
Hello, my name is bluethunder25. But outside the internet, I go da the name of Ira Dwight Sutton Jr. I guess I should start da going over my history with My Little Pony, starting from my childhood.

Truthfully, like a lot of boys--hell, ANY BOY, in my childhood, I never really heard o was into My Little Pony. I had seen commercials (though none I can really remember), but aside from that, that was it. I was busy indulging in Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, though I did remember the theme song.

Going into my preteen and teen years, it was virtually the same thing. I think I saw a few commercials...
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