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posted by windwakerguy430
 Money Bags
Money Bags
(Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass pull up to Money Bags apartment)
prugna Jerkum: (Looks at guards) There's più guards then I thought. Okay, What we'll do is sneak around the back and well slowly make our way to Money Bag's room. We'll then take him out quietly and sneak back here. How does that sound, Shot (Turns to see an open door and Shot Glass gone) (Turns in opposite direction) Oh no
Shot Glass: Oh, hey, guys. Wow, nice place Ol' Money Bags got here
Guard: This is a restricted area. leave the area now
Shot Glass: Now hold on. Me and Money were good Friends in um... pre-school. I just wanted to catch up on old times
Guard: Leave. Now.
Shot Glass: Oh come on. Can't te just let me say hello
Guard: If te don't go, we will use force
Shot Glass: Oh, now were talking (Pulls out a gun and shoots guard) (Alerts other guards) (Other guards start shooting)
Shot Glass: (Hides behind dumpster) Anytime te want to help, Plum
prugna Jerkum: Your an asshole, Shot. te know that? (Runs to cassonetto, dumpster while getting shot at) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck (Gets behind dumpster)
Shot Glass: Okay, I'll start shooting at these guys, while te run to that bacheca over there (Points at brick wall) Ready. One. Two. THREE!!! (Shot Glass shoots guards while prugna Jerkum runs to wall) (Plum Jerkum gets behind wall)
Shot Glass: See. That wasn't so bad. Now, help me with these guys
prugna Jerkum: Well (Holds gun) Here goes nothing (Points gun and fires) (Hits and kills guard) HA! Shot! I got one!
Shot Glass: Congratu-fucking-lations. We'll celebrate once we kill these guys and get the money inside. Now help me already (Fires gun) (Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass continue to fuoco pistole and kill other guards) (Firing stops)
prugna Jerkum: I think we got them all
Shot Glass: Good. Lets go get that Money Fags guy (Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass walk inside apartment building) (More guards come and shoot at them) (Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass hide behind wall)
Shot Glass: Are te fucking kidding me. più fucking guards. This guy must be rich as hell to pay for all these guys. Now I want his fortune even più (Shoots and kills two guards)
prugna Jerkum: Thats great. We'll get it once he's dead (Shoots and kills two other guards)
Shot Glass: I hope so (Runs from cover and hits last guard in the face with his hoof) Hay, thats about it. We can start moving now (Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass walk up stairs) (Plum Jerkum and Shot Glass find Money Bags room) (Pony knocks on Money Bags door) Um... Mr. Bags. (Door opens) (Pony gets shot in the chest and flies into bacheca behind him)
Shot Glass: Oh, fuck. That guys got a shot gun
prugna Jerkum: te don't say (Sarcastic)
Money Bags: Where are te two? Come out! I'm ready for you
Shot Glass: (Whispers to Plum) Wait here, I'll be back (Walks down stairs)
Money Bags: Come out, te two. I know your here. I'll find you! Even if te kill me, my brother, Diamond Ring will find you. He's got some a friend from Liberhay City that will gut te two like fish
prugna Jerkum: Diamond Ring? Liberhay City? I don't like what he's saying
Money Bags: Come out, te bitches! I can take you! (Money Bags jerks) (Moneys Bags falls onto ground) (Shot Glass puts gun away)
Shot Glass: te sure about that
prugna Jerkum: How did te get fro here to over there
Shot Glass: Other stair way
prugna Jerkum: We'd better call Six Shooter
Shot Glass: Um... te better call Six Shooter. I'D better go into Douche Bags house and look for all that cash. See te soon
prugna Jerkum: (Dials number) Hay, Six Shooter. Its done. That Money Bags guy is dead
Six Shooter: Good work. I knew te and your brother would pull it of, with te being smart and your brother being a fucking nut-job. Good job
Shot Glass: HOLY SHIT!!! PLUM!!! GET IN HERE AND LOOK AT THIS!!! (Plum Walks into room)
prugna Jerkum: What. What do te want to sho- (Stops and looks at broken sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza full of cash)
Shot Glass: What did I tell you? Have I ever been wrong?
Six Shooter: Why did te stop? Are te guys dead
prugna Jerkum: Um... we just found a lot of cash in the safe
Shot Glass: (Takes phone) Yeah, since that Money Bags guy is dead, were just going to take it and-
Six Shooter: Negative. The money stays there. If te do take it, then the media will see te were the ones who killed Money Bags instead if me
Shot Glass: Well, I think that after getting shot at, we deserve a fair pay.
Six Shooter: Okay. We'll let prugna decide. Does he want to help the law and leave the money behind, o take it and become a criminal just like his psychotic brother
Shot Glass: Plum. Choose quickly before I use my gun on this prick
prugna Jerkum: Well...
(To get this to start moving, I want te guys to decide what prugna Jerkum decides. Should he leave the money, o take it. There is a consequence to each one, so you'll have to choose to see which choice is made. It will be final in the successivo 24 hours)
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