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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After talking to Hawkeye, and Stylo, Mirage went to the train yard where he had to work with Nicole. They were taking a freight train to Laramie.

Mirage: *Climbs into cab* Hello Nicole.
Nicole: Hi Mirage.
Mirage: How long have te been here?
Nicole: Not too long. I'm waiting for the Railroad Police to finish inspecting the train.
Mirage: Right then. Did te check our fuel?
Nicole: Yes. We have enough coal, and water to go all the way to Laramie, and back.
RP Pony: Okay, you're clear to go.
Mirage: Right.
Nicole: Thank you.
Snowflake: *Turns signal green*
Nicole: *Blows whistle twice*
Mirage: *Shoveling coal into firebox*
Nicole: *Drives train out of the train yard, and onto the mainline* Is everything okay?
Mirage: Oh yeah, I just got in a conversation with a bus driver. He detto that everypony that works on a railway will end up homless, and that the bus is the future of transportation.
Nicole: Is he orange, and yellow with a dark green mane?
Mirage: Yes!
Nicole: I call him Kurt. A couple of ponies told me that it's his name.
Mirage: Good to know. Let's keep our eyes on the tracks.

They got to Laramie on time, and brought another freight train into Cheyenne. Mirage, and Nicole were walking to the station together.

Mirage: So, what are te going to do next?
Nicole: Well, I gotta tell Pete something, then I'm going to work in the yards. What about you?
Mirage: I have to take a passenger train into Denver. It should be here soon. *Sits at bench*
Nicole: *Walks into station*
Mirage: *Checks watch* Only 90 secondi until my train arrives.
Nicole: *Runs out of station* Mirage, te may want to see this. *Runs back into station*
Mirage: *Follows Nicole*

Both ponies were staring out the front window. They could see Kurt, standing da his bus letting ponies in. He just finished putting up a sign on his bus, underneath the windows. It detto Railway Bus.

Nicole: Kurt put that up there to fool everypony. Instead of bringing passengers to us, he's taking them away.
Mirage: He's not taking them to Denver, is he?
Nicole: That's what I heard him say.
Mirage: Impossible! Denver is further from here da road!
Nicole: Yeah, but he says that he knows a short cut.
Kurt: *Gets in bus*
Mirage: He's driving away!
Kurt: *Drives bus away from station* YEAH!!!
Mirage: *Looks at watch* My train is here already. I better get going. *Runs out of station, and gets into train* Come on, come on! Turn the signal green!
Signal Pony: *Turns signal green*
Conductor: All aboard!
Mirage: *Blows horn twice, and drives out of station* I'll catch that bus sooner o later!

The road was parallel to the railway halfway up Sherman Hill. After that, it diviso, spalato up. One road went right, and under a railway bridge. Kurt took that road instead of the other one.

As Mirage was getting to a bridge on his train, he saw somepony waving a red flag. That meant danger.

Mirage: *Stops train*
Railway Pony: *Walks up to Mirage*
Mirage: What's wrong?
Railway Pony: I understand that you've been racing a bus to Denver.
Mirage: Yeah, where is he?
Railway Pony: Look no further. He's under the bridge, and got his bus stuck under.
Mirage: Oh boy.
Bus Ponies: We want our money back!
Bus pony 35: That culo hat lied to us, and detto he'd take us to another station to catch another train!
Bus pony 13: Then he tried getting us to Denver da himself.
Bus pony 6: The bus sucks. We're getting on the train.
Kurt: No you're not! How was I supposed to know that this bus was too big to go under the bridge?!
Bus Ponies: *Walk pass Kurt, and gets onto train*
Mirage: Well, looks like I got più passengers for my train.
Railway Pony: *Looks at bridge* It's risky, so go as slow as possible.
Mirage: Right. *Walks back to engine, and climbs into cab*
Kurt: Wait, what's he doing?
Railway Pony: Just wait, and see.
Mirage: *Drives slowly over bridge*
Kurt: Is he- is he going over?!
Railway Pony: Yep.
Mirage: *Getting train over bridge*
Kurt: *Looking at bus stuck under bridge* STOP!! YOU'LL CRUSH MY BUS!!
Railway Pony: It's not going anywhere. Relax.
Mirage: *Gets entire train over bridge*

To make a long story short, Mirage got the train to Denver on time. When he returned to Cheyenne, he told everypony about what happened, and they celebrated.

As for Kurt? He Lost his job for getting the bus stuck under the bridge, and is now a teacher at an elementary school. He still badmouths everypony that works on railways, but it doesn't bother anypony. His students ignore him.

The End

On the successivo episode of Ponies On The Rails

Nicole learns an important lesson.
The forest. Trixie has built the manger and is hammering the last few nails in place. Her hair white uncombed. It actually kinda pretty. In a unkempt kinda way. Saten stays in the back, smoking a jointas he's not needed. And feel "needs one"

Narrator: And out in the woods the boy steamed right ahead, making a place for the critter babe to lay its sweet head.

Trixie: (to Saten) Any più of those?

Saten: te smoke?

Trixie: not til just now.

Saten: Good point (passes the joint to her and she uses it) May wanna take it slow. Your first time using it sense that hippy concerto te went too.

Trixie: (coughs)...
continue reading...
THE successivo MORNING:

Saten and Trixie assumably had sex sense this is a più mature seres than the real MLP, though it only shows the aftermath, Trixie's hair messy. Though she looks a little disappointed.

Saten: ... I'm really sorry.

Trixie: No, te were nervous. It's okay.

Saten: Lot on my mind.

Trixie: There were.. Parts.. I liked.

Saten: ... Good enough for me, I should use the bathroom.. (turns on lamp and sees the critters) AHHH!

Trixie (covers herself that much more): AHHH, WHAT!?

Saten (annoyed): Nothing, just those stupid critters again.

Narrator: His Friends were all there! What a wonderful surprise!...
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This is retelling a South Park episode. Almost word to word. But I change some characters.. And some dialogue, particalary Saten's dialogue change from Stan's..

This episode is just me trying to see how much dark content I could get away with..

Narrator: Way up in the mountains in a small little town, The Main strada, via was being decorated all up and down. People stood in long lines, sometimes waiting hours o more, Because Natale needs to be bought in a store.
But out in the forest, not too far away...

Nearby forest. Cute forest animali gather round and decorate a small pine tree.

Narrator: The...
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added by unicornqueenfl2
Later, Trixie puts on her mostra as planned, but her delivery is flat and unenthusiastic as a result of her falling out with Starlight; regardless, she intends to go through with the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive. On a nearby hill, Twilight and Saten (who's serprisingly serious this episode) approach the heartbroken Starlight and Twilight apologizes for trying to pick and choose her Friends for her.

Saten: What about me?

Twilight: You?.. Oh right.. Sorry for not listening to you.

Starlight: But... what if Trixie really was using me just to one-up you?

Saten: People change. Look at my mom.

continue reading...

Twilight Sparkle: Ahem? te just decided to skip our cena without telling me? Are te aware that, at this very moment, Princess Celestia is waiting for te at a tavolo with exquisite silverware placement?!

Starlight Glimmer: Yes, but—

Twilight Sparkle: This is exactly why I didn't want te to make Friends with Trixie.

Trixie: A-ha! te still don't trust me! But guess what, princess? It doesn't matter if te want to give me a secondo chance o not. Starlight had to choose between te and me, and she chose me! Your pupil chose me, so ha! I win!

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As Trixie shows Starlight to her wagon, Twilight appears to give Starlight friend alternatives, including Glaze, Vinyl, and limone Heart. Offended da Twilight's distrust and undue concern, Starlight says she wants to make Friends on her own, and she storms off.

Twilight tries to chase her. But Saten Twist flies over, in one of his più serious moments, he expresses anger at her for trying to give Starlight alternatives to Trixie.

Tilight: Saten, please, this is seriou-

Saten: I mean it Twilight! If te upset her, I'l-

Twilight: But I just think tha-

Saten: Trixie has a lot of trouble fitting in....
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Twilight is seen pacing back and forth.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm trying Saten.I'm trying to be open minded.. But your girlfriend still isn't someone I trust.

Saten (puts drops in his bloodshot eyes from the weed): Well.. Just promise te won't interfer.. Now aren't we suppose to inviting your gang for dinner?

Twilight: Oh. Right.. Thanks for the reminder.

Saten: Hey, without the boes, I'm smarter than people think.


Starlight and Trixie out in the open.

Cherry Berry and Goldengrape: [unintelligible whispering] ...did te see...?

[unintelligible whispering of varous ponies]

Trixie: Everyone always...
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