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Cheyenne Wyoming
April 3, 1957
7:27 AM

Pete was at the train station, getting ready to go on vacation, but Hawkeye wasn't here.

Pete: *Calling Hawkeye*
Hawkeye: *At his house, not feeling well. He hears the phone ring, and walks to it* Hello?
Pete: Pierce. te don't sound too well. Are te okay?
Hawkeye: No. I tried calling te earlier, but I passed out.
Pete: te do realize Gordon will be in charge now because of this.
Hawkeye: *Sarcastic* This giorno just keeps getting better, and better.
Pete: Take care of yourself, and I'll see te when I get back. *Hangs up*
Hawkeye: Oh joy. *Passes out again*

Back at the trainstation

Pete: *Packing clothing* Alright, I got clothing, food, money, and I think that's everything.
Percy: *Runs into Pete's office* We got a problem sir!
Pete: What is it?
Percy: Scottish ponies! They're trying to steal everything from a freight train in the yards.
Pete: Let's get 'em.


There were five scottish ponies. Two of them were taking Cibo from a refrigerated boxcar, and the other three were stealing boardgames.

Scottish pony 3: Get as many boardgames as te can! We'll sell them, and make lots of money!
Pete: *Arrives with Percy* HEY! Put those back!
Scottish pony 2: Shit! Let's go! *Runs away*
Scottish pony 5: *Goes into a boxcar*
Pete: Percy, te get those four, I'll get the other one!
Percy: Yes sir! *Runs after four scottish ponies* Hey! Come back!!
Scottish pony 5: *Gets onto other side of train, and climbs a ladder to the top*
Pete: *Looking in boxcar* I'm gonna find you. *Gets to other side*
Scottish pony 5: *Laying on superiore, in alto of the train*
Pete: *Sees scottish pony* There te are!
Scottish pony 5: *Running on superiore, in alto of train*
Pete: *Climbing ladder to superiore, in alto of train*
Scottish pony 5: *Trips, and hits the ground*
Pete: *Climbs back down, and goes to scottish pony*
Scottish pony 5: *Tries to stand up* Me leg. It's broken!
Pete: That's what te get for trying to steal from our trains.
Percy: *Returns* They got away sir.
Scottish pony 5: Ha! I knew te couldn't catch them.
Pete: Yeah, well I'm sure they're not gonna risk their lives to come save you.
Scottish pony 5: *Sighs* Damnit.
Pete: What's your name?
Scottish pony 5: Mike Gonzo.
Percy: What kind of a name is that?
Mike: It's the name my mother gave me! te got a problem with that?
Pete: Do te have a job Mike?
Mike: No sir, I don't.
Pete: Well te do now. Welcome to the Union Pacific.
Mike: So what? I drive trains for te now?
Pete: Not really. I want te to work in the yards. Percy, take Mike over to Snowflake. She will mostra Mike how to do his job properly.
Percy: Yes sir.

So Pete went back to getting ready for his vacation, and Percy took Mike to Snowflake.

Snowflake: *In the yard tower, talking on the radio* Train 605, we do not have enough room. Divert yourself to the nearest siding, and wait for my command.
pony Engineer: Ten-4, I'm putting my train in a siding now.
Percy: *Knocks on door four times*
Snowflake: *Gets off radio* Come in.
Percy: *Walks in with Mike* New worker Snowflake.
Mike: Call me Gonzo.
Snowflake: Sounds like a name for a character in a kid's show. So Pete assigned te to work in the yards, huh?
Mike: Yes, I guess so. Who's Pete?
Percy: That grey stallion with the yellow mane? He's your boss.
Mike: That's just bloody great.
Snowflake: Are te from Scotland?
Mike: Aye. I am.
Snowflake: Well let me mostra te what to do.

During Snowflake's teachings on how to work in a trainyard, Gordon was in Pete's office.

Pete: Hawkeye is sick, so I'm having te take over... Unfortunately.
Gordon: Thank te sir. te won't regret this.
Pete: Why do I find that difficult to believe?
Gordon: Shut up, and go on your vacation.
Pete: I am, but if I hear te do anything careless, o stupid, your plot is out of here. *Walks away*
Gordon: *Thinking* Thankfully, what I have planned is not careless, o stupid.

2 B continued
 Mike Gonzo
Mike Gonzo
posted by Seanthehedgehog
arcobaleno Dash was talking about Twilight Sparkle.

Sergi: What's so bad about her?
Rainbow Dash: She takes racing very seriously. In fact she takes everything seriously. te have to watch out for her.
Apyr: We'll be careful. Right Sergi?
Sergi: Da.

Everypony got their cars lined up at the starting line. They would go around the race track for three laps.

Flag pony: 3, 2, 1, go *waves flag*
Racers: *take off*
Sergi: We're in first.
Apyr: Excellent. And no sign of Twilight
Twilight: *pushes arcobaleno Dash into wall*
Apyr: .... I stand corrected.
Twilight: *catching up* Man, there's too many ponies blocking...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Bartholomew Perfect the 55th
Bartholomew Perfect the 55th
Pete was discussing his plan on how to get back at Gordon

Pete: What we need to do is hire a new unicorn, and get him to find out about what Gordon is up to.
Orion: Like a spy?
Pete: Yup.
Bartholomew: *teleports successivo to Pete*
Pete: This is our new worker, Bartholomew Perfect the 55th. He's british, so don't make fun of him for that.
Coffee Creme: Uh, nopony makes fun of the british at all.
Pete: Ok then. Good luck *walks away*
Hawkeye: Hello Bartholo- lomr- mew
Bartholomew: *laughs* te don't have to call me da my full name. Bart will do nicely.
Hawkeye: Oh, hi Bart.
Bartholomew: Hello. I must say,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Spike was recaptured, and they continued taking him to Canterlot. Still, could be worse.

General Rosemeyer: Our soldiers have still not stopped Sean The Hedgehog, and his friends.
Robotnik: Fuck. Get in four trucks, three airplanes, and a tank!!
General Rosemeyer: Yes sir. *walks off*

30 secondi later

Fluttershy: Oh no! più airplanes!!
Rainbow Dash: *holds gun for Sean*
Sean: No, keep it. I have another one *grabs .44*
Rainbow Dash: If te say so.
Applejack: Why can't these humans give up?
Sean; They're Nazis, they don't know how to give up. *shoots at airplanes*
Airplanes: *pass*
Rarity: They're not...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Running from Chicagoat to San Franciscolt is a railroad called the Union Pacific. It's the largest railroad in the United States, and is run da thousands of ponies. This is the story of some of those ponies that run the rails, aka railroading.

Episode 4: mostra business

October 3, 1950

Pete: *driving train at 10 miles an hour, then stops* Hello. I'm the controller of the Union Pacific. This engine I'm driving is not only fast, but it's the world's largest engine, and can pull a train five miles long. The Union Pacific. Power in everything.
Director: Aaaaand cut!! That was excellent.
Pete: Thank...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The B&O worker came back with his boss.

B&O boss: Ok, so te want to take three 4-6-2's in favor of these diesels?
Hawkeye: Yes sir.
B&O boss: Hm. There could be a problem with this.
Coffee Creme: What is it?
B&O Boss: Ah never mind, just a joke. Those three engines te want are over there. They're all yours.
Hawkeye: Thank te so much. *goes to engines*
Coffee Creme: *follows*
Hawkeye: Now we have new engines for the line, and we have less diesels. Let's do this.

The two ponies got the first engine started up, and pulled the other two.

Hawkeye: Now we give these two a run on U.P...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After Snow got her revenge on Con, she went back to HQ. As for Con, and Blu, they were on a barca heading to Maredagascar.

Blu: Will te be able to save me?
Con: *turns on transmitter* I believe so.

When they arrived the town was deserted. The only ponies on the streets were Con, Blu, 7 koreans, and a mexican pony walking toward them.

Heckler: Hola everypony.
Con: I assume that a pony named Vetrice was working for you.
Heckler: You're correct, but how?
Con: I killed him, and he told me it was a mexican.
Heckler: Let's talk somewhere a little più private shall we?

There was a warehouse successivo to...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The taxis stopped at the park. Spike, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy ran out of the cabs quickly.

cab driver 1: What do te suppose they're doing?
cab driver 2: No clue, half of them we're carrying a pick, and a shovel.
cab driver 1: We better find out about this
Sam: *crashes into fence*
Rarity: I don't want to find the money!
Spike: What do te mean? Aren't te curious to find out about all this?
Rarity: I'm più disgusted. *walks away*
Spike: Jeez.
Mirage: *drives toward entrance*
Shining Armor: *does the same*
Twilight: Man let's go find the money!
Pinkie Pie: *sees cab drivers* Who are they?...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The famous spy of the Central Intelligence Of Equestria has returned!

The story begins at a Mexican airbase.

P: What do te see?
Con: Other then rain, and explosive weapons from communists?
P: Ach. più serious then I thought.
S: Hang on, there's a pony there that looks familiar.
P: Yeah, isn't that Snails?
Con: I see him too.
Snails: Get all these weapons to our base in Las Pegasus as soon as possible!
Mexican pony98: Yes sir.
Con: We have to get rid of those weapons *shoots nuclear missile*
Moneybit: What the fuck is he doing?
P: His job.
mexicans: *shoot at Con*
Con: *kills three mexicans*
S: Con,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It's the 11th Con Mane story, and it begins in Berlin Germany. Con's best friend Fenix Lighter, an agent for the German Secret Service, M.I.3 is on his way to a marriage. Con, and another pony is with him, until they run into trouble....

I was actually typing that while listening to the stella, star wars theme song! LOL

Fenix: Are we almost there? How do I look?
Con: Relax Fenix.
German pony75: *flies near them*
German pony23: ciao look, there's a message.
Con: *reads it* Follow me.
German pony23: *follows*
German pony75: *lands*
Fenix: *gets out* What the fuck happened?
German pony75: Sanchez escaped, he's...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
We left off on the fight between bronies, and haters

Hater 54: *sets up MG*
Sean: *shoots haters*
Security guard: Stop the fighting!
Hater 54: *kills guard*
Sean: Enemy machine gun! Take cover
bronies: *hide behind wall*
Hater 54: *shoot at wall* Penetrate!!
Sean: *kills machine gunner* All clear!
bronies: *advance*
Jade: We got enemies with RPG's!
Hater 402: *shoots missile*
Sean: *runs from missile*
Hater 635: *shoots at Jade*
Jade: *shoots missile*
Hater 635: *dies from explosion*
Sean: *kills other missile carrying haters*
Brony 64: Let's sposta up!

We moved up a floor, and got introduced to 50 haters wanting...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Hater's hotrod
Hater's hotrod
We were heading for Philadalphia having just crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge when Jade was on her laptop.

Sean: Good thing this car has Wi-fi. What are te doing?
Jade: I'm sending a message to every brony about the assault on Philadalphia.
Sean: Perfect. We gotta stop to refuel though.

So we stopped at a gas station after getting off the highway.

Jade: I think that store is oepn. Let's get some food!
Sean: Ok.
Hater 643: *drives up in '32 ford*
Sean: Whoa, that's a very cool car.
Hater 643: I found them!
Sean: What?
Hater 643: *pushes me to ground*
Jade: What the heck?
Hater 643: *kicks my face*
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It was a regular giorno in St. Foalis, and then every leader of the mafias except Dan drove up toward a train yard.

L.P leader: We are dealing with a gang that can destroy any of us.
Fillydelphia leader: Twilight Sparkle is working with them.
Baltimare leader: She's the one we have to kill then.
L.P. leader: And Dan. There's also a grey hedgehog with them.
Fillydelphia leader: Let's kill all three of them then.

The meeting was over. And the Ponyville mafia was relaxing at their place.

Sean: *drinking soda*
Rainbow Dash: *farts on chair* A whoopee cushion? PINKIE PIE!!!!!
Pinkie Pie: *laughing* Wow!...
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The Mafia may not be in Manehattan anymore, but it still lives on everywhere else. Especially in St. Foalis.

Dan: So te from where?
Sean: Mobius, it's another world.
Mike: Swag.
Rainbow Dash: Come on te guys.
Sean: I'll meet te there.
Pinkie Pie: I'm driving!
Sean: te always drive my car Pinkie.
Applejack: The rest of us will follow Sean.
Rainbow Dash: Ok.

All of the Ponyville Mafia eventually made it into St. Foalis. After defeating every other mafia in Manehattan there are three new ones to go against. Las Pegasus, Fillydelphia, and Baltimare.

Sean: This is a really great choice of a city...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Hattan: *driving down road*
Con: Hmmm.
Weston: Ah'm not sure why they sell equestrian cars in China.
Con: *steals car*
Weston: What the hay?
Con: Who are you?
Weston: I'm Constaple Weston B. River. Ah saw te before. You're that secret agent!
Con: How'd te know that?
Weston: The Koreans told me.
Con: Ohh great.
Weston: Who are we chasing?
Con: That blue Wrestler with the white bacheca tires.
Hattan: *turns right*
Con: *does drift*
Sneak Peak: Floor it! Con's chasing us.
Hattan: *weaving through traffic*
Con: *honks horn*
Weston: Get out of the bloody way!
pony in car: Stop shouting!
Weston: I am a police...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con ran toward the boats, and when he started one of them the koreans caught up.

Con: *sticks blade toward them*
koreans: *stand still*
Con: What te might call, a sharp edge on things. *drives away*
koreans: After him!
Con: Come on, why is this thing going slower?
filly: Hello sir.
Con: Hi.
filly: Would te like a wooden elephant? I hand crafted it myself.
Con: I'll tell te what. te make this barca go faster, and I'll pay te for it.
filly: Really? How much?
Con: Nothing *pushes filly off boat*
Constaple Weston B. River: I hate China.
Constaple's wife: Come on Weston, we just got here.
Con: *drives...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con recieved his equipment from S, and left for Las Pegasus. When he got there, he met a mare, that was running away from some one.

Whataspy: *gets in car* Drive!
Con: Ok *drives fast*
Bambi: She got away!
Thumper: I saw the license plate, we'll call the cops.

So they did, and they chased Con's car.
Whataspy: Those ponies chasing me must have called them.
Con: We'll lose them.
Cop 1: All units, the Special is heading toward Howlywood. Set up a roadblock!
Cops 2 & 3: *block road with cars*
Con: *deploys machine guns*
Whataspy: What was that?
Con: Something surprising *shoots cars out of the way*...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Con's new Chevronet Corvette
Con's new Chevronet Corvette
Con reported at P's office.

Con: I got your call, what's Discord up to now?
P: He is now trying to kill agents from various organizations.
Con: He must have a lista with him.
P: He does. His first three targets are you, Fenix Lighter, and Rareesa.
Con: Really? Couldn't he kill some other pony?
P: He will, after he kills te three.
Con: *sighs* I'm on it. Should I see S before I leave?

The answer was yes.

S: Hello 0007.
Con: Hi S, what do te have for me?
S: Glad te asked, because it will blow you, and your enemies away.
Con: A missile shooting car?
S: Precisely, Chevronet Corvette with machine guns,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 the leader of M.I.6
the leader of M.I.6
If te guessed C preventing somepony from launching più missiles te are correct.

Con: So where is he?
M.I.6 leader: At the warehouse where te were killed.
Con: Oh great.
M.I.6 leader: Relax, with some practice you'll get ready.

M.I.6 was going to train Con with some karate.

Con: What exactly do I need to do this for?
M.I.6: Many koreans are experts in karate. Whoever you're going against will most likely know karate.
Con: Well then lets do this.

So Con practiced with the other pony until..

british pony53: Ambush! It's the Koreans!
M.I.6 leader: What? Let's go Con, I'll have to teach te more...
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Later that giorno nearly all of the mane 6 were hanging in the Ponyville Compound.

Dan: Looks like we got something from Manehattan.
Applejack: *opens package* What the fuck is this?
Dan: Their way of letting us know that Pinkie Pie is sleeping with the fishes.
Rainbow Dash: Pinkie's dead?
Big Mac: Unfortunately, eeyup.
Dan: Do te always say eeyup?
Big Mac: Nope.
Dan: Do te always say that?
Big Mac: When I disagree eeyup.

The successivo giorno was the beginning of summer. And everyone in the Ponyville mafia was celebrating.

Rainbow Dash: 5 oranges please.
Orange seller: Sure.
Manehattan pony6: *drives into...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Senia Offbottom
Senia Offbottom
Nine days after 0006 was killed, Con was celebrating for a new worker in the C.I.E. Moneybit.

Con: *drifts around curve*
Moneybit: That was unnecesary.
Senia: *drives da in Lambronyni*
Con: I know this pony *speeds up*
Moneybit: Stop.
Senia: *honks horn*
Bulldozer: *goes backwards*
Con: *spins Senia's car out*
Senia: *drives backwards into gravel*

The two ponies then drove parallel together toward other ponies running a race

Moneybit: Watch out!
Con: I know!
runners: *jump off bridge into water*
Senia: *hits Con's DP5*
Con: *speeds up*
Moneybit: I am not the kind of mare that gets impressed with fast drivers...
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