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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: August 1, 1958
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming, the train station
Time: 10:04 AM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Wilson: *Driving a passenger, and stops at the station*
Ponies: *Getting out of train*
Nicole: *Walks out of train, and goes to Pete's office*
Pete: *Opens his door* Welcome back Nicole.
Nicole: Thank you.
Pete: Now as you're probably aware, this section of the Union Pacific is crawling with gangsters. They try to derail the trains in order to get either money from passengers, o things they really want from freight trains. You've got to be careful, and remember, there's a shotgun under your sede, sedile if any gangsters try to attack you. However, you're only allowed to use it if the mafia starts attacking you.
Nicole: I got it. Thanks. *Walks away* (I'd rather not go near them.)

But some ponies from the mafia were already on the station platform, along with Hawkeye, Stylo, and Mirage. The mafia started to sing a song.

One pony named S.C. Ruffy was their leader, and began the song.

S.C. Ruffy: Nicole is no use at all, she think she's very clever.
Mafia pony 3: She says that she can deal with us, that's the best joke ever.
Mafia pony 92: When she tries to take us on, with the greatest foul up.
Mafia pony 81: We just make her train crash, and...
S.C. Ruffy: Pop goes Nicole.
Stylo: Wait a sec, those Canto ponies are gangsters!
Hawkeye: Get out of here, and leave her alone!

But after Nicole got into her train, and drove it into Denver, più gangsters were there waiting for her.

Nicole: *Gets out of train*
Mafia Ponies: *Singing: Nicole is no use at all, she think she's very clever. She says that she can deal with us, that's the best joke ever. *Laughing*

At last, everypony on the Union Pacific gave up.

Mirage: We're sorry Nicole, but there's too many of them.
Nicole: It's really my fault. I should have listened to your consigli on them.
Ike: *Listening to conversation* I must help her at once. *Goes to servicing facility*

Jeff was working on an engine when Ike walked over to him.

Jeff: *Stops working* Hello Ike. What can I do for you?
Ike: I'm worried Jeffery Soto.
Jeff: Well, te can just call me Jeff. te don't have to say my first, and last name te know.
Ike: Sorry, but I'm worried. These gangsters keep bothering us, and are bullying Nicole. When is it going to end?
Jeff: Who knows?
Ike: *Thinking* I got it. Can te tell Nicole, and Mirage to meet me here? I have a plan, and I want to tell them.
Jeff: Certainly Ike. *Goes to get Mirage, and Nicole*

When the two ponies arrived, Ike discussed his plan with them.

Mirage: Goodness gracious Ike, I don't think te should suggest such a violent idea.
Ike: But-
Nicole: No Mirage, Ike is right. It's really my fault, and I need to put an end to it right now.
Ike: I meant no dishonor te understand.
Nicole: Of course not Ike. Anyway, Jeff says he'll help out along with Percy, Pierce, and Stylo.
Mirage: *Checks watch* Very well Nicole, but I must hurry. I've got to drive another train in five minutes. Good luck. *Walks away*
Nicole: So long.

Though Nicole was smiling, she felt dreadfully nervous inside.
 S.C. Ruffy
S.C. Ruffy
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3 extra Musica video from arcobaleno Rocks! Honestly, I Amore these, they're ranking pretty high for me in terms of superiore, in alto songs from MLP.
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At least we get to see Derpy in the beginning.
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I can’t do it. 150 fan o not. And I won’t mention the name. Once I do, I gotta review it. I don’t care if it’s the 150 fan special, I will not review Prince Martin Willis Two: The Official Seventh Member of the Mane Six…. DAMN IT!
Now, this was the first fanfic I ever read, and what a FUCKING great fanfic to start out with. This fanfic was the bane of my existence. This is the worst MLP fanfic I ever read. Even worse than that one 4Chan one without a name. At least I didn’t have to sit through two hours of shit like this… Okay, maybe I’m being too hard on it. I mean, that was...
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