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posted by Canada24
I finally decided to see what everyone was talking about, the episode SLICE OF LIFE..

For someone who 'rarely' watches this show, I was pleasantly serprised with how episode was excuted.

And decided to make my this here review of it..

My only complaint, I don't think Carrot superiore, in alto gotten any speaking role. She's my preferito background character (don't know why).

If she DID speak and I missed it, let me know in a commento bellow.

I wasn't serprised to see Derpy be the stella, star of this, fan obsess with her.
Frankly I don't get why she's such a big deal, but who cares I guess.,

But as I said, I really like this episode.

Though I'm curious if Lyra and bonbon are meant to be gay?

If they are. That's perfectly fine, I never judge, even in cartoons..


Nothing else to say.

Later guys :D
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