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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The successivo day, Frank arrived in his Camaro.

Sargent Getraer: *Watching Harlan install a police radio into Frank's Camaro* So this is your car.
Frank: Yep. Dark silver paint, chrome mirrors, a supercharged engine-
Harlan: And a very expensive radio. Don't damage it.
Frank: Hey, come on Harlan. te think I'd destroy any part of my car on purpose?
Harlan: No but, accident's do happen.
Jon: *Arrives* ciao Ponch, te finally got your car.
Harlan: Alright, let's check your radio. *Turns on the radio*
Jesse: Canterlot 15 7-Ian, in pursuit of the bank robbers. Did anyone hear anything about a bus being robbed?
Barry: Canterlot 15 7-Adam, I'm near a bus terminal right now. If any one of them gets robbed, I can stop them.
Jon: Let's go undercover Sarge.
Sargent Getraer: Go ahead.
Frank: Alright! *Excited as he gets into his car with Jon*

At the bus terminal, a bus with British flags stopped.

Driver: Welcome to Canterlot, the richest city in the state of Neigh Jersey-
Malcolm: *Gets in the bus with Rio, and Highball* Which also has it's fair share of robberies. Get in the back. *Pulls the driver out of her seat*
Driver: *Goes to the back*
Malcolm: Rio, watch her. *Gets in the driver's seat*
Rio: *Watching the driver*
Malcolm: *Drives the bus*

None of them noticed Barry in his police car. He was behind the bus, and started going after them.

Barry: Canterlot 15 7-Adam, possible tour bus robbery on Unicorn Avenue.
Jon: Mary-3 and 4 going undercover in Ponch's Camaro.
Barry: Ten-4 Jon.

Song (With sound effects for a great Leggere experience):

Frank: *Drifts, and is behind Barry who is behind the tour bus with Malcolm and his Friends on it*
Barry: *Gets successivo to the bus, and puts on his police lights*

The bus was not slowing down.

Barry: *Talks on the loudspeaker* In the bus! Pull over immediately! Pull that bus over right now!
Malcolm: *Hits Barry's car*
Barry: *In a mixture of panic and rage* PULL THE BUS OVER IMMEDIATELY!! STOP THE BUS!!
Rio: *Nearly falls down into his sede, sedile as Malcolm rams Barry again* Malcolm stop!! You're gonna hurt somebody!
Malcolm: *Not listening, and rams Barry again*
Barry: *Goes on the other side of the road, and crashes into a truck*
Malcolm: *Turns left, and goes onto a highway*
Frank: *Driving successivo to the bus*

They were now on the highway.

Jon: *Talks on the radio* 7-David this is Baker. If te can hear me, we're on 405 for Nashville.
Jebediah: Ten-4 Jon, I'll bring te help.
Frank: *Looks at the bus* ciao man, is this quitting?
Jon: We mostra them the badge. *Gets his badge, sticking it out the window* Highway Patrol!! Pull it over!!!
Malcolm: *Hits Frank's car, and makes a mirror fall off*
Frank: ciao man, that cost me some chrome, I could feel that.
Malcolm: *Hits Frank's car again*
Frank: *Gets in front of the bus, and goes to the right*
Malcolm: *Hits Frank's car again*

There was an accident on the side of the road, and Frank was being pushed towards it.

Jon: ciao watch it!!
Frank: *Hits a slope on one of the cars, and is now driving on two wheels*
Jon: *Enjoying the calamity that Frank is in* ciao Ponch.
Frank: ciao don't bother me.
Jon: *Smiles* I wanna talk to you.
Frank: What about?
Jon: About what you're trying to do.
Frank: I'm gonna try and save my paint job.

The bus was gone. Frank had to make sure he had enough spazio to get his car back on four wheels while he was driving on the highway.

Frank: Is there anything on the right?
Jon: I can't see without shifting my weight.
Frank: Don't shift te weight!! Don't don't. Don't shift your weight.
Jon: *Trying not to laugh* We're at the mercy, and instability of being on just two wheels.

Jebediah was catching up, and was enjoying what he was seeing.

Jebediah: *Looks at Frank's Camaro* Hey, Ponch is that you?!
Jon: Yeah Jeb, this is Ponch.
Jebediah: Uh, any special reason for that?
Jon: *Laughs* Is there anything on the right?
Jebediah: No it's clear. *Looks behind him, then back at Frank* I'll run a break for you.
Jon: Okay Ponch, we can come down now.
Frank: No let me do it. Let me do it!!
Jon: *Laughs*
Frank: *Moves towards the side of the road, and gets his car back on four wheels, stopping on the side of the road*
Jebediah: *Stops behind him*

2 B Continued
posted by karinabrony
Lauren Faust
My Firefly, Inc.
10880 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 2100
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Tara Strong
Voicestarz, Inc.
10061 Riverside Dr.
Suite 899
Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2560

Cathy Weseluck
"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
Hasbro Studios
2950 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA, 91505-1072

Ashleigh Ball
"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
Hasbro Studios
2950 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA, 91505-1072

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