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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Aqua Marine was sitting inside a building, in front of a new desk, when Blue Fedora walked up to her.

Aqua: I trust te got the weapons out of the car.
Blue Fedora: What do te think was in those bags I teleported into my grip when we flew out of that car? Of course I have the weapons.
Aqua: We're going to make another visit in Canterlot, to find più weapons. In the meantime, lay low in here.
Blue Fedora: Sure, I can do that. Or, I have a better idea. How about, I teleport into a city far away from here, and actually enjoy myself?
Aqua: What about me? We're in this together.
Blue Fedora: I'll come back for te tomorrow when it's time to go get the weapons.
Aqua: No. te stay here with me. If te can teleport yourself with that magic of yours, te can use it to make good things appear. Make a flat screen TV appear with a PS4, o an XBox 1, and get a few video games to play.
Blue Fedora: Whatever. What's the plan for getting those weapons?
Aqua: That will be discussed tomorrow. That way, you'll have it fresh in your head.

Later, Dan was driving his car with Andy, and Mercedes. They pulled over a Porsche convertibile, convertible for speeding.

Mercedes: *Gets out of the car, and goes to talk to the driver*
Andy: *On the radio* Y7, give us what te know about a Porsche 911 with the license plate, Edward, 9, 1, Zebra, Union, Ida.
Mercedes: *Talking to the driver of the Porsche* Excuse me sir, can I see your driver's license, and registration?
pony 994: *Getting out his driver's license, and registration* Are te even a real cop?
Mercedes: *Shows her badge* Me, and my partners are in the detective division, undercover, for the Gran Turismo Police Department.
pony 994: Okay. *Gives Mercedes his license, and registration*
Mercedes: *Walks over to Andy* What did Dispatch tell te about the car?
Andy: The license plate was just put on there yesterday, and there's no flags.
Mercedes: Thank you. *Walks back to the Porsche* Okay. *Gives the driver his license, and registration back* Watch your speed successivo time, okay? *Gives the pony a thirty dollar ticket*
pony 994: Yes ma'am.
Mercedes: Whenever you're ready, get going, and drive safely. *Walks back to Dan's car*
pony 994: *Driving away*

When Mercedes got into the car, Andy was talking on the radio

Andy: Y7, there's a pony carrying a brown paper bag, looking suspicious. I'm gonna go check it out.
Dispatch: Ten-4 Y7.
Andy: *Gets out of the car, and walks towards a pony carrying a brown bag*
Mercedes: What's going on?
Dan: See that pony who got out of that house? We think he's either carrying drugs, o weapons inside that bag.
Andy: *Gets in front of the pony, mostrare his badge* Hi sir, how are te doing? Mind if I take a look inside that bag?
pony 38: Buzz off. *Passes Andy*
Andy: Hey!! *Pulls out his gun* Stop right there!
pony 38: *Running away*
Andy: *Shoots the pony*

He dropped his bag, and several apples fell out, along with a carrot, and a PS2 controller

Andy: Uh oh.

Captain Jefferson was not pleased at all.

Captain Jefferson: So te had a suspicion that somepony was carrying something illegal, I get that, but the actions te took are inexcusable.
Andy: I'm sorry sir.
Captain Jefferson: te don't shoot anyone unless they open fuoco on you. What are te going to do, if Blue Fedora, and Aqua Marine come in here? They don't start anything, yet te know they're guilty. What do te do if they do nothing?

The three ponies stayed silent.

Captain Jefferson: Maybe it would be best if te butt out of that case.
Dan: But sir-
Captain Jefferson: I don't want to risk having te guys do anything wrong. I'm letting the others take care of it.

2 B Continued
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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