Edwina was sleeping in her apartment when someone rang her doorbell.

Edwina: *Wakes up, and goes to the door* Hold on, I'll be right there. *Opens the door*
Bob: *Enters with Shawn*
Edwina: How do te do boys?
Bob: te know what time it is?
Edwina: I didn't get a chance to look yet. *Looks at her clock. It is 10:08 AM* Oh shit.
Bob: te were supposed to deliver that truck at 9. da the time Orion got there, some DA officer was driving it away.
Edwina: Did they make the money?
Bob: Well, te see? That's the thing. Orion followed the truck thinking the DA would make the money, but instead, the driver was taking detto truck to his headquarters.
Shawn: Orion had to destroy the truck. They'll have a hard time trying to find it, but they still need to find out who the driver is.
Bob: And since we told te to drive it...
Shawn: *Grabs his Walther, and puts a silencer on it*
Edwina: I ain't goin' down that way! *Runs to a fucile on her left, and grabs it*
Shawn: *Shoots Edwina before she can fuoco any bullets*
Edwina: *Falls down, dropping her rifle*

Bob, and Shawn were easily able to plant Edwina with the truck. Even better, they were able to get the DA in trouble.

Bob: *At the morgue successivo to Shawn, and Edwina* The truck she's driving is just a regular truck. Then some trigger happy bastard District Attorney pony, shoots a flare at the truck. He also tries to kill Edwina, but she escapes, and the events that just happened are too much for her. So, what does she do? She puts a bullet into her head.

And they bought it.

DA Pony: *Getting put in a police car* I didn't do anything!
Police pony 94: Oh sure, murder isn't anything.

Shawn's Amore for killing not only came in handy for Edwina, but it also became unfortunate for a pony I just hired at The Silver Ballroom. He was only 21, and his name was Clark. We ended up calling him Super Stallion because of that name.

Shawn: *Playing poker with Bob, Lewis, Orion, Ren, and Bobby* Come on Super Stallion, hurry up with the drunks!
Bob: Drunks? We only have one drunk here Shawn, and that's you.
Shawn: Ah, keep your mouth shut.
Clark: *Arrives with birra for everypony* Here te are officers.
Shawn: Hey, Clark. Why do te come here so slow with the drinks, then go quickly back to the counter?
Clark: I go quickly back to the counter, because I know te want più drinks.
Shawn: I think you're afraid of me. Is that it? Are te afraid of me?
Clark: No sir.
Shawn: I think you're lying. *Pulls out a Desert Eagle* So I'm gonna teach te how to respect me.
Bob: Gesù Christ Shawn, don't do it.
Shawn: Relax, relax, I know what I'm doing.
Clark: Oh shit. *Running to the counter*
Shawn: Don't run from me! *Shoots three bullets, each hitting the floor, near Clark's hooves*
Clark: *Hiding behind the counter* Look Shawn, if it's all the same, I think I know how to respect you.
Bob: Shawn, put the gun away.
Shawn: *Puts the gun away*
Bob: Good boy.
Lewis: Let's keep playing cards everypony.
Clark: Can I come out now?
Bob: Yeah, you're good.
Clark: *Walks back to Shawn, and the others*
Shawn: *Quickly pulls out his gun*
Lewis: Everyone look out!!
Shawn: *Shoots Clark's head*
Lewis: Goddammit Shawn! What the fuck was that for?!
Shawn: I won't take shit from anypony. Do any of te want to go against me?
Lewis: Shawn, we're all Friends here. Let's just continue playing cards.
Shawn: Fuck. I'm sorry everypony.
Bob: Let's all drink. *Pours himself, and everyone else a drink* Here's to Super Stallion.

Everypony had their drink, payed their respects to Clark, and continued with the card game.

2 B Continued