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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Tom was driving his car through Bakersfield. He was annoyed with the traffic.

Tom: I should have taken an airplane instead of driving around like a fool. I would have beaten everypony to Seattle. *Sees a mare* Oh hello. *Stops the car* Where are te heading?
Mare: Seattle.
Tom: That's where I'm heading.
Mare: Will te give me a ride?
Tom: Sure. Hop in.
Mare: *Gets in the car*
Tom: *Drives* You're sexy.
Mare: Thanks. I want to-

Okay, te don't wanna know what she's going to say, so we're going to sposta onto Pierce, and Bob. They went to where they parked their cars, but they were gone.

Pierce: *Looks...
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This story may contain dark content, and swearing..


Our story begins when the young mare arcobaleno Dash, came into SugerCube Corners, as she promised to spend time with the 'seemingly' innocent and adorable, Pinkie Pie. But unknown to Dash, It's not Pinkie, it's the Pinkamena, the EVIL verison of the rosa mare.

RAINBOW: Hello? Pinkie? I'm here.

PINKAMENA: *voice is heard from within the dark kitchen, but the mare herself, isn't seen* Rainbow! te made it!

RAINBOW: Sorry I'm late.

PINKAMENA: *Still not seen yet* Oh that's ok,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce, and Bob were in Santa Barbara. They have been driving successivo to each other for a long time. Now they had their windows open so they could talk to each other.

Pierce: *Checks his gas tank. It's nearly empty* I'm not stopping until te do.
Bob: Lucky for you, I'm low on gas.
Pierce: So am I. *Sees a gas station ahead of them* We'll pull in there, and get some gas.
Bob: Okay.

The both of them got their cars at the gas station, and stopped to refuel.

Gas Station Pony: *Arrives* What can I do for te two?
Pierce: Full tank.
Bob: Same here.
Gas Station Pony: *Puts hoses into their tanks, and...
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MegaSonicZone: (Walks through metal detector, and it goes off) COME ON, I’VE BEEn HERE FOR A WHOLE HOUR! Oh, screw this (Takes pants off) There, will this work (Walks through detector and gets through) Finally
Mr.Brightside: There te are, Mega (See’s a bandage on his head) Did te get hurt
MegaSonicZone: Oh, yeah. te see, my wife and I had an argument. te see, my daughter is still young and they think I pay più attention to work then to them
Mr.Brightside: Oh…… whatever
Izfankirby: Well, we were just keeping an eye on W, Jordy, and Onyx (Points at monitor with them on it)
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
In St. Foalis, two ponies climbed into a helicopter on superiore, in alto of a building.

Orion: *Sits in pilot's seat*
Snowflake: *Sits successivo to Orion*
Pony: *Gives manifest to Orion* te two need to get some oil to a trucking depot in Trenton Neigh Jersey.
Orion: All the way in Neigh Jersey? What for?
Pony: It's needed da a town da there, and we're the closest company that can get it to them. Better start flying.
Orion: *Starts up helicopter*
Snowflake: Why did I let te talk me into this?
Orion: Because it's a fun job.
Snowflake: We're pegasi. We don't need to fly these things.
Orion: Well I like it. *Gets...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Warning: This part has no dialogue until the ending

When papillon fell off a cliff, and into a river he fell asleep from a dart that hit him.

Papillon: *Wakes up*
Tribe Ponies: *Standing in a cerchio looking at Papillon*
Papillon: *Slowly stands up*

The tribal ponies were very pleased to meet him, and accepted him into the tribe.

Tribal Mares: *Walking out of the ocean carrying buckets full of waters, and oysters*
Papillon: *Sitting on a barca that has been placed upside down*
Tribal Mare: *Smiles at papillon as she walks past him*
Papillon: *Smiles*

The successivo day, the chief saw Papillon's butterfly...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 The train going over the crossing
The train going over the crossing
In the precedente part of M.C.C, Ryan had the idea of going past a railroad crossing while a train was about to pass, so that the police ponies would crash.

Blazin' Blue: *Goes past railroad crossing*
Ryan: Go faster. The train will be here soon.
Saten Twist: *Goes past railroad crossing*
Ryan: *Goes past railroad crossing* Hurry, hurry.
Night Frizz: *Goes past railroad crossing*
Mirage: *Goes past the railroad crossing*
Frank: *Goes past the railroad crossing*
Case Cracker: *Goes past the railroad crossing*

The train soon started going across, and the police ponies had to stop.

Sean: Oh great!
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Televisione shows about Police Ponies are popular. There have been many Cop shows over the past sixty years. Dragnet, Adam-12, Hawaii Five-0, The Streets Of San Franciscolt, the lista is almost endless. We asked someponies what Cop mostra they liked, and here are the risposte we got.

Rainbow Dash: I really like watching Blue Bloods. A lot of action, and everything else that's awesome is in there.
Twilight: Man, what makes te think I'd watch a mostra about something I hate? F**k the police!
Appplejack: I don't have a television, whatever that is.
Big Mac: Eeyup. *Looking at magazine for T.V set* (My...
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Derpy: ciao cousin.. I got the money.

Saten: Really, ho-.. te robbed another store didn't you?

Derpy: ... Maybe.

Saten: Derpy.. This isn't Fillydefia, te can't go around robbin-

Derpy: Maybe te can't.. But unlike you, I've been robbing sense I was a little girl, remember?

Saten: Yes.. Some seem to think that I'm a bad influence on you.

Derpy: (laughs) Oh please.. When I found you. te were pathetic.. I made te tougher.

Saten: Yes.. But te ALSO made me into a drunken pot head.

Derpy: Well, who ISN'T in our family (drinks Volga).

Suddenly Master Sword appears, covered in red, and holding a small knife.

Sword: Good news Saten.. I dealt with that that guy that made fun of te earlier.

Saten: Uhh.. G -Good to know.

Derpy: te know Sword.. There's a Carly girl might have things in common with.. Your both.. Something.

Sword: (cleaning blood off the knife) What makes te say that?
Glaze: Here's your stuff (hands over a bag of weed).

Saten: Thanks Mrs WoodenToaster, wanna smoke it with me?

Glaze: No thanks, I don't smoke that stuff anymore.. This isn't high school.

Saten: Maybe not to YOU.

Glaze: Whatever.. Usual price.. $280.

Saten: Sure, here (hands her the money).

Glaze: Thank yo-.. This is 2 dollars!

Saten: I'm a little low on cash, okay.

Glaze: Low on cash!?.. What, did te spend it all birra again?

Saten: No.. I realized.. If there's the risk of becoming my father.. It's probably time to stop drinking.

Glaze: Ahh... Some could say that giorno came and went after te gave yourself...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Typical car chase in San Franciscolt is typical. Pierce, and Bob were crossing the Golden Neigh Bridge.

Pierce: *Sees Bob behind him in the Oldsmobile*
Bob: *Passing a tanker, and a mail van*
Pierce: *A light bulb appears over him as he comes up with an idea* Where did this come from? *Takes the light bulb, and throws it at a car*
Mare: *In a Buick, freaking out as the bulb hits the front of her car. She swerves, and crashes into a truck*
Stallion: *Flips the truck over*
Bob: *Stops, inches from the truck*
Pierce: That'll take a long time to clean up. *Over the Golden Neigh Bridge*

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 Mare collina Asylum
Mare Hill Asylum
,"so do te wanna go?" arcobaleno Dash asked. Fluttershy gave a confused look ,"where?" Dash facehoof'd at her Friends domanda ,"to the asylum..." ,"oh um sure" and with that the two trotted their way out of ponyville and towards Mare collina where the asylum was. ,"what was up with te earlier?" RD questioned her shy friend and Flutters took in a deep breath ,"I knew somepony who got sent to it..." Rainbow's eye widened ,"are they still alive?" she asked interested in the moment. ,"yes, i won't say where they are now though" Dash just shrugged not caring much about that part. a few minuti and...
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Jordy_Dash: So, L, any idea on what we should do about this secondo Killer
W: I’m not thinking yet. I gotta drink my tè (Sips tea) ……….. Okay, now, believe that the secondo Killer is able to kill anyone he wants, and in a matter of secondi too. However, is the secondo Killer is willing to follow your rules, then I doubt he’ll kill innocent people. However, we’ll need two people to investigate, so that they can identify the secondo Killer.
Jordy_Dash: Well, if te don’t mind, I would like to volunteer
W: Hmm… yes, very good. Now, if we could have someone else join
Izfankirby: Me
W: It...
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Theme Song

Jordy_Dash: (With W at the tennis court) So, tell me, For-Thirty. Were te raised in the United States
W: Unfortunately, yes. But, thats all I can tell you. Now, why did te bring me out here
Jordy_Dash: I thought we could play a friendly game of tennis
W: … Okay, I know we met, so, I’ll keep calm when I tell te this. I hate tennis
Jordy_Dash: Oh, what’s the matter, are te afraid
W: (Now più angry) Give me a raquette (Takes raquette and moves to his side of the court) (Now, lets see here. If I know anything about Killer, it’s that he...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Master Sword, and Tom were walking down the strada, via together.

Tom: So, how's everything going?
Master Sword: Not too bad. I got to see somepony drive a '67 Camareo. How about you?
Tom: Things are going fine for me. Except for my life on the computer. I keep getting these advertisements thanks to Spamdex.
Audience: *Small laughter*
Master Sword: What kind of advertisements do they send you?
Tom: Who cares? They're advertisements. They do not belong on the internet. It's not a place for commercials, it's a place for ponies to watch videos, play games, and post self portraits.
Master Sword: te mean...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Bodyshop Ponies

Starring Sophie Shimmer as Wheel Bearing
Heartsong as Dainelle DeVito
Snow Wonder as Cutlass Supreme
Tom Foolery as Gary
Mortomis as Mr. Beddler
Pleiades as oliva
Master Sword as Tim
and Annie as Edwina

Everypony in the bodyshop was getting ready for work. During that, they were talking about movies.

Olive: Who saw the new Hunger Games film?
Gary: te mean the first part of Mockingjay? I saw it.
Olive: Wasn't it awesome?
Gary: Yeah. I can't wait to see part 2.
Wheel Bearing: I didn't get to see it. I've been so busy with my family, that we don't get to go to the theater.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Saten Twist's car
Saten Twist's car
Theme Song:

Master Sword: Come on Tom, let's go meet the others.
Tom: Right behind you.
Double Scoop: *Standing on strada, via corner*
Aina: *Runs out of her house*
Sunny: Hey, wait for me. *Flying in the middle of the street*
Saten Twist: *Polishing his chain saw, but stops to go meet the others*
Pleiades: *Arrives at corner*
Mortomis: *Standing successivo to Double Scoop*
Tom: più ponies!!
Snow Wonder: *Arrives in a brand new Corvette*
Cosmic Rainbow: *Flies from the clouds*
Heartsong: *Climbs out of a manhole*
Annie: *Arrives on a bicycle*
Blaze: *Flies...
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505 Commander - HQ this is 505 do te copy?
HQ - Copy that 505.
505 Commander - We are getting closer to Station G-41
HQ - Roger, proceed with caution.

American and Canadian vessels.

Cptn. Bridge - So... How we gonna do it?
Gen. Spectral - We get to Equestrian coast and swim with it then with air support we hit Russian destroyers and we aboard them.
Priv. Jackson - We gonna steal em eh? (Not trying to make a joke about Canadians... Totally...)
Cptn. Bridge - That's a plan... At least we have some free time...

Informator - We have invitation from... GlobeX organisation....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Pierce just entered a town called castello Rock when his car got a flat tire.

Pierce: *Angry* Oh great. *Passes a sign* The nearest service station is a mile away. That's too far. Especially since I have a flat tire. *Goes onto the side of the road*

Karl left Vancouver just as Bob entered it.

Karl: After nearly getting stopped da the FBI, I'm just glad this Saratoga I got doesn't have any damage. *Enters Woodland*
Bob: *Driving through Vancouver* Who knew there was another town called Vancouver in Washington? You'd think te were in Canada.

Pierce finally stopped at a service station in Castle...
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W: (With Jordy, Brightside, and Izfan, watching the businessmen’s meeting)
Jordy_Dash: What the… there are only seven of them. I thought there was supposed to be eight
W: Maybe they killed him
Business Man 1: Well, everyone. Who do we kill next
Izfankirby: See, I told te guys it was them
Business Man 1: But, before that, we need to discuss the death of Jon Jones
Business Man 2: Who cares. Just as long as he’s dead, we don’t have to worry about leaking information to anyone
Business Man 1: And what about #8’s death
Business Man 2: Simple…. f**k...
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