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NocturnalMirage posted on Jun 26, 2014 at 07:23AM
If you look outside the window, what do you see? Peace, harmony, friendship... such things the new generations take for granted.

Of course, Equestria wasn't always the utopia as it is today. Let me take thee on a journey into the long past...

Before the birth of Celestia, before the seed of the Tree of Harmony sprouted, the three tribes - the unicorns, earth ponies and pegasi - put aside their differences and formed the united nation of Equestria. Gain was plentiful and ponykind prospered.

Then a new race emerged. The power of all three tribes united in these winged, horned ponies, who called themselves alicorns. They possessed the strength of the earth ponies, the flying skills of the pegasi and the magical abilities of the unicorns. It was only a matter of time until they took their place at the top of the hierarchy. On that day, Equestrian society took an unexpected turn...

Countless decades have passed by, and the years of abundance slowly faded away. The balance between the three tribes was disrupted. The alicorns remained unreachable for the common ponies, consulting the future of the nation behind the closed gates of their stronghold. Meanwhile the unicorn nobility plundered all the resources with the help of the highly trained warrior class: the pegasi.

The earth ponies soon found themselves at the bottom of the hierarchy; they were nothing more but peasants, slaves who were toiling tirelessly day and night, only to let the unicorns and pegasi enjoy the fruits of their labor. As humble spirits, the earth ponies let the rich take advantage of their strength and farming skills for years, but it still wasn't enough. Because there was a dark void in the souls of the old ones... a void that filled their hearts with an everlasting craving for more.

Very soon, the last drop will splash into the sea of suppressed rage and the deeds of the earth ponies will determine the fate of Equestria... this is the time of the Great Unrest.

*** ***


- No godmodding (nopony's all-powerful and/or invincible, not even Celestia herself)

- No puppeteering (please refrain from taking control of someone else's character without a permission)

- No killing each other's characters without permission.

- No Deus ex Machina (a conflict cannot be magically solved/made disappear by a simple flash of a horn.)

- There is no character/person limit,


- And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

*** ***

In order to join with your OC, please fill out this short character sheet below!

Bio: (optional)

*** ***

Useful tips:

- Okay, so this RP takes place in medieval Equestria. Therefore, the social structure reflects that as well. The hierarchy is the following:

- Kings/Queens/Royalty (Alicorns, max. 3)
- Lords/Ladies (Unicorns)
- Knights (Pegasi)
- Peasants (Earth Ponies)

- Please keep in mind, that the race of the character you join with will determine his/her role in the society and your place in the hierarchy, so choose wisely!

- As I mentioned earlier, there can be a maximum of 3 alicorn characters in this RP, because basically, they have all the power and resources. Therefore I must ask those who wish to play with an alicorn OC, to use this power responsibly and don't send entire armies to a bloodbath for example.

- The RP gives you an opportunity to control squadrons, even armies if the plot-line allows it. There will be massive confrontations, I can assure you.

- This RP will require a lot of teamwork from all of the players, because there will be many situations where you'll have to follow the chain of command. Think of it as a big war game. Jade, Wind and I will be in command of the earth pony forces and we'll stop at nothing to change the social structure. Mu ha ha! :D
 If te look outside the window, what do te see? Peace, harmony, friendship... such things the new ge
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più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
I shall use Landslide for this role.

Name: Landslide
Gender: Stallion
Race: Earth pony
Personality: wise, contemplative, humble, introvert, tight lipped, religious, traditional, determined and nearly impossible to make him mad. But once he's angry, he's unstoppable.
Bio: Landslide is a relic of the past. Despite his appearance, he's 106 years old. An Elemental, the oldest brother of the infamous Summer Pride, the former governor of the fallen kingdom of Unicornia. He was never crowned, because even though he's from pure royal family, he's an earth pony. Landslide have always lived his life according to a strict set of principles. Despite his threatening name, he's a humble spirit and very religious. He spends many hours with meditation and contemplation every day. He claims, sometimes the Creator sends visions about the future to him in his dreams and guides his hoof to do her sacred work among the mortals.
After the Second Equine War, everything has fallen apart and he decided to live out his days in peace and solitude. For many years he lived like a hermit and the world slowly changed around him. The ancient era was swallowed by the dust of time, but his unique aura kept him at his physical prime and gifted him with extraordinary strength and a long life. One night, he saw a vision, which made him come down from the mountains only to discover the strange realm of Equestria. He blended in with the local earth pony population and labored under the yoke of the oppressors for many years. But, even a humble and forever patient spirit like Landslide will come to the breaking point...

The RP will start on Monday. This will give enough time for everybody to sign in. Plus I've got stuff to take care of this week, so I wouldn't have the time for it. :D
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 I shall use Landslide for this role. Name: Landslide Gender: Stallion Race: Earth pony Persona
Jade_23 commented…
Holy Hell! The Bio for Landslide is awesome! più di un anno fa
NocturnalMirage commented…
aww, thanks! :) più di un anno fa
Jade_23 commented…
no problem! ;D più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Bluecherry6765 said…
Can i join as my alicorn oc? thought i may as well ask since there is a limit :P plus i always ask to join rps sometimes...))
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Sure. I was expecting you, so go ahead. :3
più di un anno fa Bluecherry6765 said…

Name: Bluecherry
Gender: mare
Race: alicorn
Personality: Cheerful but serious when needed,great leader
Bio: Idk it's a work in progress

P.s i'm bout to go to the dentist))
 :3 Name: Bluecherry Gender: mare Race: alicorn Personality: Cheerful but serious when needed,gr
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
ok, thanks, good luck with the dentist! :)
più di un anno fa alinah_09 said…
Well,like i said,my OC is a pegasus so that means im a knight...i'll join with Aurora

Name Aurora Northwind
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Personality: Usually Quiet and prefers to be in Solitude,also Loyal to her own beliefs
Bio: She was the daughter of a male earthpony and a mare unicorn-one of the higher ups-but because it was forbidden,they were executed just as Aurora was born,but the higher ups spared her life,thinking she would be of use,even so...they treated her more or less like how they do to Earthponies,that's why despite their teachings,she would still hesitate in treating the low ponies like dirt. She believes that someday,they would be in unison once again like their ancestors and also that the Alicorns were the ones at fault.

(I'll post the pic later)
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 Well,like i said,my OC is a pegasus so that means im a knight...i'll unisciti with Aurora Name Aurora
alinah_09 commented…
pic...posted! più di un anno fa
Jade_23 commented…
She's pretty^^ più di un anno fa
alinah_09 commented…
thanks :) più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Great! Glad to have you here, Alinah! :3
alinah_09 commented…
Yah~ ;D più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Name: Wheat Roll (Such an original name -.-)
Gender: Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: Irascible, independent, devious, bloodlust. Although she is small in this role of society, she has a lot going through her mind. But she does have a soft side. Deep down inside her. Deep. DEEP.

Her mother was accused of being a heretic, and was burned at the stake. This caused Wheat Roll a humongous fear of fire. Seeing her mother being burned alive damaged her mentally. She will quickly go into panic once she is close to fire. And for being child of a heretic, many ponies won't talk to her. She has also been accused of being a heretic, and was tortured. She was tortured by burning her hooves. She immediately had to lie, by 'confessing' that she had stole food from a lord. And so, she was released.

She is daughter of a varlet, along with her two brothers. One was hung for stealing. She lives near the Shepherds, and takes care of the Lord's land. While her father and brothers grow crops.

(Here's a better description of her appearance, since I quickly drew a sketch of her)

Mane: Brown, side braided.
Coat: Dark green
Eyes: Orange
CutieMark: Corn in front of wheat.

 Name: Wheat Roll (Such an original name -.-) Gender: Mare Race: Earth pony Personality: Irascible,
alinah_09 commented…
whoa...that IS deep... più di un anno fa
NocturnalMirage commented…
Yup, that's the one. più di un anno fa
NocturnalMirage commented…
Yup, that's the one. più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
I'll join with a new OC
Name: Master Longsword
Gender: Stallion
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: very couragous and does anything to help the other Earth Ponies
Bio: An ancestor to the humerous and cowerdly Master Sword. He always wanted to overthrow the Alicorns since he became a slave, but he would always find peace with other ponies of his race
last edited più di un anno fa
 I'll unisciti with a new OC Name: Master Longsword Gender: Stallion Race: Earth pony Personality: ver
alinah_09 commented…
he looks good! :D i like his hair color (its pretty rare to use in multicolored ponies,i think...besides its kind of like my own hair color,only darker.) più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa SkyheartPegasus said…
I'll join with one of my latest OCs.
Name: Mydna
Gender: Mare
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Calm, quiet, smart. Will be there when other ponies are in need.
I ain't good at writing, so *skips bio* XD
 I'll unisciti with one of my latest OCs. Name: Mydna Gender: Mare Race: Unicorn Personality: Calm, qu
più di un anno fa karina_brony said…
Yes, it's up! I came up with a new OC, and she's an alicorn.. -_- I'm very sorry. I tried to make it sound as ORIGINAL as I can. xD May I join with her? It's because I think she could have a better background. I think.
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Agreed. Sure, go ahead! Glad to have you here, Karina! :3

So there is only one spot left for alicorn characters and it's gonna be taken by Jordy_Dash if I'm not mistaken.
più di un anno fa jordy_dash said…
Name:Fire Vi Equestria!
Personality(more like ponyality! Badum tish!) flirty, persuasive, short tempered, loyal, musical, brave and cunning
 Name:Fire Vi Equestria! Race:allicorn! Personality(more like ponyality! Badum tish!) flirty, persua
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Excellent. The alicorn cast is complete.
più di un anno fa jordy_dash said…
Indeed! Who is the other one except from me and karina?
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
più di un anno fa jordy_dash said…
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Lucky. I'd Amore to get done with school that soon. Still got three years :( più di un anno fa
SkyheartPegasus commented…
Yesterday was my last day. I still have many più years to go than both of you. più di un anno fa
alinah_09 commented…
hmm...yeah...but te know,as Mirage said,life suck more...besides i think that being in school can somehow let te enjoy being young even if some activities are limited,at least,that's what i believe :P più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa karina_brony said…
Name: Nightsong
Type: Alicorn
Personality: Intelligent, Likes to be left alone sometimes, Melancholy, Can be obnoxious sometimes, Witty, Can get angry easily, Scared, and goes for revenge if needed. She will also be a fantastic leader.

Biography: When she was born, her eyes were the color of pure darkness. They also shimmered like the stars. The Queen and King decided to name her Nightsong. When she was growing up, fillies would make fun of her eyes. She would choose to ignore them at first, but when it went for over a month, she finally burst. They were at a Halloween festival, and it was night out. Her eyes were angry and pure black with shining stars, and she brought the stars down, destroying the ground as if meteors were falling down. Ponies were running away, shouting and scared. Her eyes went back to normal and she saw what she had done. Her eyes grew wide. She ran, back to the castle. Her parents knew what happened, so they decided that she couldn't go out as much.

When she was already a mare, she would sit outside looking up at the sky. She would think what would happen if her power took control over her, and she would be evil forever. She was always scared at the thought.

Then, one day, she was angry because the ponies at School made fun of her eyes and how she looked like the pure dark. They gave her a nick name called "Melancholy". She came storming home. She went outside and raged about her horrible childhood, and how now, it's still going. A tear rolled down her cheek. She turned the day to night, and at the moment her parents saw this, they came outside. "Nightsong! Take control! Be strong!" They said. She looked back. She winced as if she were in pain. The stars came crashing down, and she was floating in the air, destroying everything. At last, her hooves lost control. She hit her parents with her strong magic by accident. Stars came crashing down to them. Her eyes turned pure dark. Everything turned dark, and she came back down to the ground. She opened her eyes and saw what she did. She looked at her parents. her eyes grew wide. She looked at her hooves. She ran to them and cried on their shoulders. They were cold, and lifeless.... The whole town was destroyed. And she killed her parents. She realized, she was a monster.

She was the Queen, but she was always alone in her castle, where she couldn't hurt anyone. She would always look at the night full of stars. She would remember her parents.

To this day, she is fearful and scared she might get too angry and do the same. She always makes sure her powers don't lose control.
last edited più di un anno fa
 [b]Name: Nightsong Type: Alicorn Personality: Intelligent, Likes to be left alone sometimes, Melanc
SkyheartPegasus commented…
That last sentence reminds me of Elsa più di un anno fa
NocturnalMirage commented…
Nice! Although I sense some inspirations and figments of Frozen in the story, it's creative adapted into the MLP universe, I really like it. :3 più di un anno fa
Jade_23 commented…
XD più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
I can already tell this will be an awesome RP! :)
NocturnalMirage commented…
I sure hope so. :) *trembles in anticipation* più di un anno fa
SkyheartPegasus commented…
Heck yeah! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa karina_brony said…
These are some of Nightsong's facial expressions:
 [b]These are some of Nightsong's facial expressions:[/b]
NocturnalMirage commented…
Wow! you've become perfect at drawing ponies! :3 più di un anno fa
karina_brony commented…
Thank you! You've already been perfect at shading and drawing them, though. :D più di un anno fa
SkyheartPegasus commented…
Yes, te do great at ponies! Keep it up più di un anno fa
karina_brony commented…
Thanks! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa jordy_dash said…
So when do we start?
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
On Monday. Like I informed everyone on the wall and here in my first post.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa karina_brony said…
Here she is colored:
 [b]Here she is colored:[/b]
NocturnalMirage commented…
wicked-aweome. :) più di un anno fa
Jade_23 commented…
It's so awesome O.O più di un anno fa
karina_brony commented…
Thanks! più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Just asking, but.. Will there be a couple from the Alicorns? For King and Queen, or is it.. Just individual?
più di un anno fa jordy_dash said…
Just finished watch dogs.... I'm in love with the entire thing, and at the end, all the doom and gloom, they have a happy song on the credits so yay!!!
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Well, I think it'll be like with Celestia and Luna... shared power or something like that.
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Okie Dokie Lokie! :D
più di un anno fa jordy_dash said…
I can has own kingdom? Only a small one? I want to be like the under dog out of the allicorns
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Well, since Equestria has already been formed the only thing closest to a kingdom is an autonomous region within Equestria. You can have such a region, if you wish.
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Some of these characters such as earth ponies are already going to know each other, right?
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Well, it depends entirely on you and the other players.
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Oh, okay then. :D
più di un anno fa izfankirby said…
Name: Lunate
Gender: Male
Race : Unicorn
Personality: Leading, adaptive, does what must be done, loyal
Bio: (normal bio would make no sense here, so it's not very descriptive) An important leader in a war past. He lost hiis fraction and later was on the losing side of the war. He then became a more ruthless leader now. His cutie mark is a sliver of a crescent looking moon, which symbolizes his abilities to use magic that is more effective at night.
(I'll post a picture later)
last edited più di un anno fa
 Name: Lunate Gender: Male Race : Unicorn Personality: Leading, adaptive, does what must be done, l
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
The RP is open! Let the game commence!

Our story begins on a rather cold November day. The Sun is pale and fog oozes out from the valleys. Despite the rigid weather, countless ponies are gathered around, including the most respected and high ranking members of the unicorn and pegasi race to witness the finishing touches on the newly built Citadel of Power in the middle of the new capital of Canterlot and to pay their respects to the rulers of Equestria: the alicorns.

Of course, the highly trained and deadly pegasi knights, who's sworn loyalty to the alicorns, do not let any common pony near them. Unbeknownst to these brave and fierce warriors, not everypony in the crowd has come to praise royalty. A gray coated stallion moves swiftly among the bystanders, like a dainty shadow... always seeking the dark corners. Dark corners for dark deeds. When the last piece of the dome is put into place and the Citadel is complete, the alicorns - as a gesture of "great generosity and humbleness" - stand up from their golden thrones and meet with the common ponies of the kingdom. By this never before seen act, they set a series of events into motion.

The gray stallion is quick, not even the sharp eyes of the pegasi could spot him or what he's up to. The stallion gets through the mass of bystanders. He comes nearer and nearer...

He's in the first line now, and waits for the right moment. The alicorns approach, there's only a few feet separating them from the stallion. He locks his vision on the rulers of Equestria, his cold blue eyes reflecting nothing but strength, determination and rage. He reaches for his saddlebag, but his motions are safely hidden under his black robes. The stallion takes out a golden orb, filled with spiky green crystals on its surface. He twists one particularly vivid green crystal and the orb begins to glow. The discreet, but accelerating beeping sound informs him, that there is no way back...

When the time is right and the alicorns are right in front of him, he drops his cloak and reveals himself. With incredible strength, he jumps over the heads of the pegasus guards. His mighty roar rises above all the noise.

"SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!" the earth pony stallion shouts, glaring at his masters.

The knights react immediately and create a protective formation around the alicorns. The unarmed attacker baldly charges at them, but a moment later, several spearheads pierce through his heart. The earth pony falls on the ground, with a bleeding mortal wound.

"The storm is coming..." he whispers and before his last breath escapes his chest, he bursts into a victorious laughter.

Then the golden orb rolls out of his lifeless hooves. The beeping sound accelerates even more and the crystals are glowing with a bright emerald light.

"Warlock Grenade!" one of the high ranking knights cries.

The two dozen pegasus warriors immediately retreat, forcing the alicorns to go with them in their ring of pony shields. A second later, a giant explosion shakes the earth, obliterating everything and everypony in a medium radius, leaving nothing but a smoking, burnt crater... in the chaos, only one thing is sure: the knights have sustained severe losses in the line of their duty to protect the alicorns.

*** ***

Two days later...

(Hope you liked the intro, now it's your turn to decide what happens two days later and to find an answer to all the questions that this assassination attempt raised. :)
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Hears gossip of event two days ago) (Hmm... That pony was very brave. Sacraficing himself for the good of the Earth Ponies. Shame it was all in vain) (Sighs)
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Yesh!!! x3

Well, I'm going to start with a simple introduction with my OC.

Far from the village, near the valley, where most Shepherds and Peasants lived, there is a 22 year old mare, named Wheat Roll. She sat on a log, a basket full of corn seeds (Have no idea what you call those pellets :p) beside her. A rock on her lap, and a small rock in her hooves. She then starts grinding corn. With an angry look on her face, she smashes the seeds. She let's out a sigh.

Wheat Roll: Those ungrateful dolts.. *grinds*
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Splendid! Now we're talkin'! :D Guess it's my turn now.

The brown coated stallion finally made it home after a long and exhausting day at the smelter. The job was difficult and tiring, but he never complained it, or about the few miserable bits the pegasi threw at him as "payment", even though he was making their armors, their spears and swords. Like with any task, he was good at it. Hard labor never really bothered him. He believed he had to do it for a reason, because of the mysterious ways of the Creator. He was a humble spirit with the simplest of needs.

On the way home, he was always observing the ponies on the streets. It's the fate of the earth ponies... he contemplated. He saw worn out faces, lifeless eyes, the total crowning of hopelessness. But as an intuitive soul, he sensed something else was there too. Something beneath the surface. Something powerful... something that was suppressed.

The newspaper was lying on his doorstep as always. He brought it inside and flopped down to his favorite armchair. When he unfolded it, the headlines made him frown. due to the recent attack, the alicorns passed new laws, that will take away more rights from the earth ponies.

Landslide: *sighs* So much hatred...
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Walks through alley way) (Sees flyer for new laws) (Rips flyer off wall and crumples it and throws it onto ground) Damn Alicorns. They should rot in hell (Continues walking)
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Pegasus squads are patrolling the city, yelling something.

Knight: Yellow level curfew will be in affect withing 5 minutes! All unauthorized ponies will be arrested! Get back into your holes, peasants!
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Holes? What is this, a city or a death camp. Those knights aren't much better, thats for sure) (Walks into home) (Falls into wooden chair)
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
A brother of Wheat Roll walks out from their poor Cruck House. He tilts against the door.

Hunter: You're doing it wrong. You still have to deliver the wheat to the Lord.
Wheat Roll: *groans* Would you care to do this?
Hunter: Alright. You'd have milk the cows tomorrow then.
Wheat Roll: The cows are in the village.
Hunter: *shrugs* Alright, then continue.
Wheat Roll: *rolls eyes* Fine! *stands up and enters house*
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Sighs) (Looks around empty house) (Its been so lonely since that day three years ago. Damn those Alicorns. Damn those Pegasi. Damn those Unicorns. Damn them all)
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Landslide: *looks out the window and sees some pegasi guards dragging away a young earth pony mare, who keeps screaming in panic. Landslide just shakes his head resignedly and kneels to pray in the evening, like always*
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Opens book) (Looks through book) (Starts to change facial expressions)
più di un anno fa karina_brony said…
Nightsong: *walks in the castle* *stops by the window* Earth ponies... *feels pity* *turns away* What is happening to our beloved Equestria? *remembers the knights that have passed away* No, we didn't have chance to fight for ourselves, did we? "High society and royalty" means nothing to me. *looks in mirror* *looks away* *spots a knight* I would like you to provide the earth ponies with much better homes.
Knight: Like what? A box?
Nightsong: No. The Earth ponies work hard, what have they done to us?
Knight: They're worthless, Queen Nightsong. They aren't good for nothing.
Nightsong: *sighs and closes eyes* It's no use... Well, then.. Make sure they're in their "homes".
Knight: *nods* *walks away*
Nightsong: *turns head and glares*
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
Wheat Roll: *grabs sack of wheat* *walks out of house*
Hunter: Good luck!
Wheat Roll: Brainless.. *continues walking*

Another brother of Wheat Roll walks up to Hunter.

Jack: What's she doing?
Hunter: Delivering the Lord's wheat.
Jack: What?! Hunter, she can' go out. It's too dark, they'll kill her!
Hunter: Oh well. *grinds* More food for us. *laughs*
Jack: Hunter! Wheat Roll! Stop!

Wheat Roll: Make me, mooncalf!

Jack: Ugh.
più di un anno fa NocturnalMirage said…
Some time passes by and the streets become empty, only the noise of the patrols are breaking the deadly silence.

Landslide: *sits in his armchair and eventually drifts off into a vigilant sleep*
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Pony in grey coat walks through alley way)
 (Pony in grey cappotto walks through alley way)
più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
After walking a few minutes, she finally reached the village.

Wheat Roll: *looks around* Strange.. Where is everypony... *lowers head as she puts on a hood*
più di un anno fa Windwakerguy430 said…
(Grey pony walks through alley way) (Hears hoofsteps) (Hides behind wall and peaks out)