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Seanthehedgehog posted on May 13, 2015 at 01:19AM
CHiPs is short for Canterlot Highway Patrol. Everypony on the Highway Patrol makes sure that things are safe on, and around the highways of Canterlot.


The use of weapons, and swear words will not be tolerated
No one is allowed to die
You may use more then one OC in this roleplay. I suggest you have at least one OC as a Highway Patrol pony, and at least one pony as a bad guy.
And the most important rule, have fun.

For the Highway Patrol ponies, these are the vehicles available for use.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle: link
Kawasaki Motorcycle: link
Ford Super Duty: link (Great for off road pursuits, and picking up damaged motorcycles, whether they're owned by the police, or not.)
Ford Interceptor Utility: link (Also good for off road pursuits)
Dodge Charger - Standard: link
Dodge Charger - White: link
Chevrolet Suburban: link
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