My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica Episode Discussion: Party Pooped

btflash posted on Jun 27, 2015 at 04:59PM
So this episode was a riot in my opinion. There were just so many moments in this episode where I think they got too meta for their own good.

#1 line from the episode:
"So, um... do we walk back up the slide, or what?"

Andrea Libman was on par this episode. Every line of dialogue from her was absolutely perfect.

So did you guys like this episode or naw? Discussions below!
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più di un anno fa Jade_23 said…
I actually really liked this episode. Another "Pinkie Pie saves the day" episode. We were also able to view another of the many species from Equestria, the Yaks. In other words, the Equestrian version, equivalent to vikings. At least they behave like them. I also found Twilight and Pinkie's different faces very amusing, the best part for me.
 I actually really liked this episode. Another "Pinkie Pie saves the day" episode. We were also able t
Jade_23 commented…
Oh, and I forgot to mention. The Beatles reference that Pinkie made tops everything as well. xD più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa btflash said…
My favorite part of the episode was when Pinkie Pie was sent back to equestria.
Just the fact that we got so much buildup of pinkie going ALL that way to YikYakistan...
Only for it to all come crashing down in one fell swoop xD
più di un anno fa triq267 said…
Dear Princess btflash,

Today I learned a very valuable lesson about the world. I learned that all foreigners are savages, and that rather than trying to merge our cultures, we should instead force them to accept our own, as it is the only thing which can be done right. I also learned that if you make a foreigner angry they will destroy your property and declare war on you and your people.

Your faithful student, triq267.

Actually the episode was pretty good.