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My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica
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This My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica wallpaper might contain segno, manifesto, testo, lavagna, and poster.

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Ponyville, September 10th, 2012 BCR.
Rainbow Dash's nube, nuvola home.

Rainbow Dash was reading, like she did a lot these days. Twilight had dato her the newest issue of Daring Do to her, but with the Gilda case, she didn't have had much time to read into the new exploits of the adventurous Pegasus. But now, with the Weekend, she had time enough.

After Celestia's sun graced Equestria once again, she awoke, ate her breakfast, and began Leggere into the story. Daring Do and The Quest for the Romanov's. arcobaleno had read a couple of lines in the intro already, but then Gilda came back into Ponyville, and...
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1. Whenever te see apples te immediately think of Applejack.
2. Instead of saying "yes" te say "Eeyup".
3. Whenever te get mad at someone te tell them one of three things.
A. I'm gonna tolerate and Amore the SHIT outta you.
B. You're going to Amore ME!!!
C. BANISHED to the moon!
4. Instead of saying "Oh my god!" te say "Oh my Celestia!"
5. te have MLP fan characters.
6. te tell people to call te da the name of one of the ponies.
7. Hear the word Pie and te go "LIKE PINKIE PIE?!"
8. If te see ANYTHING that says "20%" te burst into laughter.
9. If te see the word rainbow, te immediately feel...
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This is my first articolo for this club and so I hope that te all enjoy it. It took a lot of time researching all the different cutie marks, choosing which ones I liked the most, and finding pictures for those ponies. Anyways feel free to leave commenti and become a fan if te really like it. Before I start I want to make it clear that this is opinion based. If te are unhappy with what I choose te can tell me so in the comments, but do so in a mature manner. Meaning please don't cuss in response to my articolo o to other comments.
Now that that's out of the way let's begin. And once again...
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