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Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Celestia and Cadence
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This My Little Pony - L'amicizia è magica wallpaper contains anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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It was a lonley and scary day,as arcobaleno Dash would call it later.Let me tell te a story:
-Yes,princess,-said arcobaleno Dash.
-Rainbow Dash,as my loyal warrior,I need te now più than ever!
-What is it princess Celestia?
-It is a great warrior,witch treated me in the past.It's WarriorFire!I want te to stop him!He is hiding somewhere in the sky!My guards aren't finding him anywhere!That is what i called you!He is very dangerous!You may go now,you just need to go to princess Twilight Sparkle and she will give te the things te need for this trip.Good luck!
Rainbow Dash thinks:''What am I going to...
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posted by Dragon-88
 Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole giorno since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Princess Luna asks Blazin' to hang out with her for a whole day since Celestia has a lot of time on her hooves.
Ok, so Blazin' wakes up to see Sapphire walking around, not with him this time. He bounds out of letto zooming out the house to catch up with her.

Blazin': Hey, where are te going?

Sapphire: I'm taking the time to make some Friends on my own. te showed me how, and I have to thank te for that. I don't need your help now. I can do it.

Blazin': But who am I supposed to spend a whole giorno with? I Amore you!

Sapphire: I know. I Amore te too. I'm sure you'll find someone. Have fun!

Blazin: OK, catch te later! *goes home*

He is now sitting in a chair successivo to the front window. After an hour, he falls asleep.......
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posted by Magicalgirl12
"It's ok Twilight" Princess Cadance detto as she was so weak she fell and her magic that protected the Crystal Empire had faded away.

"Twili" Shining Armor detto as he gave a frown. The Crystal Empire was no longer protected. And darkness and evil soon came around The Crystal Empire. King Sombra started to turn everything gray.

"This is not good" Shining Armor detto while upset. Twilight knew she had to find the real crystal cuore before King Sombra destroys everything. She will not let everyone down. Even Princess Celestia. She was demanded to protect The Crystal Empire no matter what it took.

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 "Books and Magic hold the answers" Dawn Bright
"Books and Magic hold the answers" Dawn Bright
My Little Pony: Voyage of Friendship

Episode 1: It Begins part 1

Dawn panted as she cantered down the strada, via in Ponyville. Gotta to get to the Ponyville Hotel! She thought. She almost past it in her rush. She then bounded through the doors, up the marble stairs, and rapidly knocked on room 245’s door.

“Uncle Armor, Aunt Cadance, open up! It’s me, Dawn Bright,” Dawn shouted. She then heard hoofsteps and then her uncle, Shining Armor, opened the door and said, “Dawn Bright great of you- Dawn didn’t give him the chance to finish as she rushed in and hide behind a chair.

Aunt Cadance walked...
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