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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At the general store, Vito and Jerry got Harlan hired, and the three stallions started working together.

Harlan: I'll play along for now, but I'm quitting the secondo I find a better job.
Vito: I don't trust you. If te do find a "better job" I need to know what it is.
Jerry: *Arrives with a carrello carrying snacks* Harlan, they need te over at Dairy.
Harlan: I'm going over there right now. *Heads for dairy*
Mare: *Watches Harlan walking towards her* Have te ever done facing before?
Harlan: What?
Mare: All te gotta do is check our products and make sure that the items aren't expired. te want to be...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Jerry is now the narrator

Narrator: 1982 was definitely a rocky anno for us. It was off to a good start, but when Harlan joined us in February, things started to go downhill. Vito even had a few other pistole stashed in other spots in case one of our family members found us, and tried to get us back into the life of crime. I even considered moving out of the state, and into the east coast of Equestria, but every town I suggested was recently taken over da our family. Not only were we having problems avoiding the family, and MS13, but we Lost our jobs at the winery, and we were getting...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
January 2, 1983

Vito: *Looking at a long piece of paper*
Jerry: *Walks into the house* What's that?
Vito: Bills. Everything we're doing to save money isn't working.
Jerry: I knew it would be tougher to make money this way, but I thought it would be easier.
Vito: I'm gonna talk to Harlan. He doesn't have a car. Maybe he's been lying about going to work.
Harlan: *Walks into the house* Hello cousins.
Vito: Hi Harlan. What job did te say te had?
Harlan: I'm working at the pharmacy down the street.
Vito: The Rite-Aid?
Harlan: That's the one.
Vito: How're they treating te over there?
Harlan: Good.
Vito: I'm...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Los Angeles, February 22nd, 1982

Narrator: After a few weeks, Jerry and I finally got to go to LA for our vacation with Harlan, Kayla, and Penny. We spent most of our time at the beach, and on the boardwalk.

Song: link

Band: One, two, a one two three.
Vito: *Watching the sunset as he walks onto the boardwalk with the others*

The giorno quickly turned into dark as the five ponies had fun on Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier. Lights were flashing everywhere as they walked all over the boardwalk.

Vito: Jerry, te gotta try the pretzels.
Jerry: Only if te try the burgers.
Vito: Fair enough.

Several Mexicans...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song (Start at 1:05): link

Vito starts this part da narrating again.

Narrator: Our new anno was off to a very good start. Nopony started to bother us, but that all changed on February 7th, 1982 when Jerry and I got a letter from Oregon State Police. The police arrested our cousin Harlan for armed robbery, and he was required to live with us since we were family members. At that moment, we knew we were fucked.

Song (Start at 1:10): link

Harlan: *Walks into the house*
Vito: *Nods to the two police ponies*
Police pony 53: Good luck. *Walks off with his partner*
Vito: Close the door Harlan.
Harlan: *Closes...
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Ok guys, sorry about that last added video. It was something da SlimKirby that I postato da mistake, so here's the REAL video I was trying to add. It's the G3 episode of My Little pony called "Starsong and The Magic Dancing Shoes" Enjoy :-)
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Willits, Alicornia. January 3rd, 1981.

Stallion 95: *Slams his hoof on a counter* This is bullshit!
Stallion 42: Don't give me that attitude. It wasn't my decision. Q detto we have to stay here until we find the both of them.
Stallion 95: What if they were lying? We don't know where they are. I'm calling Q.

Napa, Alicornia

Penny: *Arrives in a 1977 Ford Mustang*
Vito: *Walks outside of the house to see Penny* Hey. *Hugs her*
Penny: It's so good to see te again.
Vito: Let's go inside. te detto te wanted to meet my brother.

Vito is narrating as he walks into the house with Penny

Narrator: Our new year...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Vito and Jerry were close to crossing the Golden Neigh Bridge.

Jerry: Not long now.
Vito: Just a few più seconds, and you'll actually complete a job without screwing it up.

Five Pegasi with AK47's flew above the convoy, and started shooting at the convoy. They killed both bikers, but those were the only fatalities so far.

Vito: Come on! *Gets out of his car*
Jerry: Hey, in case te didn't notice, I didn't do anything!
Vito: Now that's the problem! Kill them!
Jerry: *Spots two Ford LTD's coming towards them* più behind us! I got them! *Shooting at the MS-13 ponies*
Vito: Who are these guys?!
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Vito was talking to Penny on the phone.

Penny: So te really like it down there, huh?
Vito: It would be much better with you, but the weather is nicer.
Penny: I can imagine. *Looks at her clock* I'll call te tomorrow. I need to get some extra sleep for a business meeting tomorrow.
Vito: Okay. I Amore you.
Penny: I Amore te too. *Hangs up*
Vito: *Puts his phone away, and sighs*
Boss: *Walks into Vito's room* Vito, I'm assigning te and Jerry to work together on an important assignment.
Vito: Why Jerry?
Boss: Relax, this will be easy. te two will simply escort some capos out of town. They'll meet us...
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