My Little pony The Media Club as Sony Pictures' partnership with Disney & Hallmark, name these franchises?

Pick one:
Care Bears - American Greetings
Atomic Betty - Atomic cartoni animati & Teletoon
My Little pony - Hasbro
Fraggle Rock - The Jim Henson Company
Barbie - Mattel
fragola frollino, frollino, shortcake - American Greetings
Dennis the Menace and Gnasher - Beano Productions
Hello Kitty - Sanrio
Piccoli brividi - Scholastic
ALF - Paul Fusco Productions
Twisted Whiskers - American Greetings
The Muppets - The Jim Henson Company
G.I. Joe - Hasbro
Elefun & Friends - Hasbro
Littlest Pet negozio - Hasbro
orso in the Big Blue House - The Jim Henson Company
stella, stella, star Wars - Lucasfilm
Transformers - Hasbro
Marvel Comics Universe - Marvel Comics
Indiana Jones - Lucasfilm
Maryoku Yummy - American Greetings
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