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la scelta dei fan: yes
la scelta dei fan: Jamie & Adam
la scelta dei fan: Movie myths
Movie myths
Explosive myths
la scelta dei fan: Jamie
la scelta dei fan: Blowing stuff up
Blowing stuff up
Proving stuff
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dbkcurious1 detto …
All my family went to letto tonight except myself. I saw your "conspiracy theorists " of first astronaut episode which was annoying, only because I'm not one. Lol. It annoyed me that during the video of the real thing, nobody pinpointed on the "moon dust" NOT "puffing" all over. It was as if it was almost sucked back onto the moon surface. Olease, someone address this in another episode. It is so obvious. postato più di un anno fa
dbkcurious1 detto …
I have my entire family obsessed now. My husband of 38 yrs, I'm 41, my 4 yr old son, my 8 yr old son and my 8 yr old step-son who is autistic. Amore te all! postato più di un anno fa
dbkcurious1 detto …
I've been watching for countless years. Never thought I'd be such a fan! postato più di un anno fa