Naomi Clark Favourite Naomi's quote from S2? {Part 2}

Pick one:
Watching that movie on industrial meat production just gave me a craving .. [1]
They covered all those mirrors, which was just rude.
Did te see that camicia Ivy is wearing? I wouldn't use that camicia as a ... [2]
I Lost the person I Amore most in this world. Now, all I have left is a horse.
I saw him baciare that barefoot surfer chick. Apparently, he likes the .. [3]
Oh, be quiet, I look fantastic.
We can totally go topless in St. Bart's... I've been tanning my .. [4]
What's complicated about it? He's a drug dealer.
It's not boring. Deck panels are... rad.
It's about me and Liam. We obviously have incredible sexual chemistry.
 sk91 posted più di un anno fa
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