Naruto - Shippuden I'm making a Fanfic!

kikibibi posted on Dec 17, 2011 at 04:49PM
Not sure if this'll catch on but I am making a fanfic and since I'm kind of too lazy to make up characters I want to use other peoples! Yeah I'm really not sure if this'll catch on...

Anyways if you want your fancharacter in it post it here! But you have to agree on the terms of Agreement!

Terms of Agreement:

If you post your fancharacter and I use it MY story then you WILL NOT kill me if I make your character do and/or say something your character would not do.

DO NOT put who your character is in a relationship with especially if its a main character in Naruto! Remember this is a fanfic ABOUT fancharacters! Your fancharacter will mostly likely end up with someone elses!

Character in Naruto will mostly play minor roles and many will not appear! Again this is about Fancharacters!

If you agree please then post your fancharacter! Include personality, appearence, and background info! Basically everything you can think of!

Pictures are best for appearence, though if you don't have one plaese give DETAILED description of your character!

For personality please also include somethings like habits, catchphrases, quirks, you know stuff like that.

Background info! If your character has like a special background story please include it! Make them very DETAILED please!!

Well anyhing else you can come up with would be good! Also this is a first come, first serve basis!

Please, please, please post your characters! Pretty please?

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più di un anno fa kikibibi said…
Ok forget the whole relationship thing just post it if u want but remember it's about fancharacters! And the Naruto characters will play minor roles!
più di un anno fa wolfmaster3000 said…
why not jsut do a RP ?
più di un anno fa Flying-Hikari said…
Name: Alia (Al-ill-a) Inuzuka.
Team: Team-X
Companion: Kana
Appearence: Inuzuka clan markings. Black short hair light blue streaked.
Clothes: Black Chinese shirt with blue lining, black shorts and sandels
Specializes: Chakra and weapons
Attitude: shes impatient and a great leader shes a genius outsmarting Shikamaru on tests done by Tsunade
Age: (u choose)