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ImAnEasel posted on Jan 29, 2014 at 09:34PM
My OC is a girl named Shuriken. She comes from a clan in the Leaf village that I haven't thought of a proper name for yet, but in my head I call it the Tutsaki clan, because I like the sound of it. I don't think it means anything, though.

*Tutsaki clan.*

They have a tradition of being named after weapons, hence her brother being called Kunai and her cousin being called Katana. Ironically, Shuriken doesn't tend to use throwing stars, but instead fights with her boomerang and her kekkei genkai.
The Tutsaki clan's kekkei genkai is otherwise known as the 'blue phoenix jutst'. It allows them to turn their chakra into blue flames that sprout out of their arms. Eventually, when a Tutsaki hones his/her skills enough, they are able to fly. I kind of imagine them to look like blue glowing versions of Howl from Howl's Moving Castle when he partially transforms into a bird.
Shuriken, after much training, eventually develops the jutsu. She spins around in the air and ends up looking like a cathrine wheel. If a shinobi comes into contact with her when she is doing this, they'll probably die in a messy way.

*Shuriken's past.*

Shuriken's parents died when she was very young. I'd say she was about... five years old. She and Kunai were then taken in by their grandparents. Kunai made her a boomerang.
When she graduated as a ninja, Kunai ended up becoming her sensei! The other two members of her squad were boys who... I haven't really developed in my brain, yet. Sorry. XP
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più di un anno fa ImAnEasel said…
*Shuriken continued*

Hmm, where was I... Ah yes, her past.
In my daydreams that include Shuriken, the third Hokage decided that, as there were so many talented genin in Naruto's year, Konoha would have it's first ever 'rookie twelve', rather than the usual 'rookie nine'.

In fact, before I carry on talking (or typing) about her past, I think it would be best to share some basic information about Shuriken.

Appearance: long, pale purple hair that's very wavy (most members of the Tutsaki clan have blue or purple hair); I'm not quite sure what she would wear, but I think I'm going with a deep purple kimono; bright green eyes (yeah, I know purple doesn't go with green but I don't care :P); a big scar across the left (her left) side of her face in Shippuden. You'll find out later how she got that.

Personality: a bit of a daydreamer and rather forgetful. She LOVES to draw, paint and carve things out of wood, especially magical creatures she invents. She has a vast and bizarre imagination. Unlike nearly all of her female classmates, she never fell for Sasuke. The behaviour of Sakura and the others always annoyed her back in the academy days, which is why she and Hinata ended up becoming close friends. She could often be quite nasty to the fangirls who fawned over Sasuke.

Voice: a little bit higher pitched than Sakura's, but not whispering like Hinata's. Kind of like Ino's voice, but a bit calmer... more relaxed.

Back to the past (Samurai Jack!! XD Anyone ever watched that? Never mind...).

Shuriken and her squad competed in the chunin exams along with the rest of the rookies we all know and love. They passed the first round, the written exam.
In the forest of death, she ended up being separated from her teammates. While she was searching for them, she encountered a giant snake. Rock Lee had also been separated from Neji and Tenten and had arrived at the same place at the same time, thus, they ended up battling the giant snake together and defeating it. Their teams had the same type of scroll, so there was no need to fight; the two became friends. After parting ways, they managed to find their squads again.
Later on in the forest, one of Shuriken's teammates talked to her about how Gaara 'creeped him out'. Shuriken was mildly surprised at this and said he didn't scare her at all. She claimed that the monsters she often drew were much more frightening. Then she took out her sketchbook and showed a picture to her squad, who backed away in horror, disturbed. One of them asked her what kind of dark and twisted things went on in her mind, to which she chuckled and put the book away.
In the preliminaries of the third round, Shuriken was the only one in her squad who made it through. At the beginning of her battle, the ninja she was fighting bragged about how he was going to 'take her down', or 'send her to hospital', or some generic, cocky line like that. Shuriken replied 'Well there's no need to be so big-headed about it. Actions speak louder than words, you know.'
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più di un anno fa ImAnEasel said…
She won the battle, but the other two members of her squad didn't, as I mentioned earlier. As for her battle in the final round, I haven't really given it much thought... she either lost or drew. She didn't become a chunin, like Shikamaru.
That's basically it for her past in the first series.
In the gap between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, pretty much as soon as Naruto left, Shuriken's brother died while he and his squad (including Shuriken) were on a mission. That mission was also when Shuriken got that big scar across her face.
Later on in the gap, her squad and the sand siblings went on quite a few missions together. Shuriken and Gaara ended up becoming close friends.

And that's her past in a nutshell! =^_^= Since I already covered appearance, personality and stuff, that's my OC description finished.