Naruto - Shippuden Create Your Own Jutsu!

SAVAGER1358 posted on Nov 25, 2017 at 10:21AM
How To Create Your Own Naruto Jutsu:


Name Of Jutsu: Fire Style: Inferno Overdrive

Nature Type Of Jutsu: Fire Release

Discription:A fire style jutsu that can only be used in a certain mode it is a multiple barrage jutsu that can be used by fire style masters such as Madara and Sasuke it was founded by the Uchiha Clan and was passed down from generations to generations.

Affects To Opponent: The Jutsu can instantly burn an opponent into ashes and can overpower them by size.It can send you flying in long range and it is a long and high range type of jutsu.

Requirements: It needs a lot of chakra and need to be performed by a kekkei genkai user.

You too give it a shot who knows what awesome jutsu you'll come up with!

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