Naruto - Shippuden Is Sakura in Amore with Naruto?

sparkyjade posted on Aug 28, 2010 at 12:08AM
Many has confirmed (even Naruto himself, lol) that she was lying about her confession. I think she just wanted him to forget about sasuke and the promise he owed her, But I also think there was some hint of truth in her words.

All throughout the manga and anime so far, she has shown admiration for him and started to care for him. And we start seeing her grow older and wiser, and forgetting about Sasuke little by little.

But what do you think?~

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più di un anno fa naruto_sannin said…
i think Hinata is better than naruto because she loved him from the begenning of the series and it's obvious that she reaalllly likes him link
più di un anno fa Crazy_NarutoKid said…
idk but i think that Sakura does love naruto,because u sometimes c her get jealouse when another girl shows affection towards naruto.
più di un anno fa Zetsumanboy said…
yea sakura loves naruto, she finds him more attrative as he gets older and more grown up
più di un anno fa AstroLove11 said…
I have been hearing from other friends of mine different answers to this..1.Maybe Sakura suits him because they would be a mini versions of Tsundade and Jiraiya but,I'm still rooting for NaruHina!
più di un anno fa chrisblass said…
yea cause shes is blushing when she thinks of naruto there
più di un anno fa MelodyLaurel said…
Uhm... I don't know... But if I have to choose then... no. I think she loves him in a brother-sister way or something like that.
più di un anno fa Eliperez57 said…
I think its just platonic love, i mean sure she's starting to see naruto in a new light, but i really dont see her ending up with naruto. After all they've been through it's natural that they've gotten closer, as a family, but they've also matured a bit. Maybe in the near future naruto & salura will get together & try too have relationship but i think it won't last work out, as for hinata i'll admit i love that girl to death cause u think she's awsome in her own way, but since her confesión, lets admit that he hasnt tríed too at least talk to her about the situation, or indicated that he in any shape or form is not interested in a possible future relationship with her after things settle down. That in part is what's git me a bit upset over naruto, but he has his reasons, so until the wat is over, he's got every excuse too not think about love problems at the time.
più di un anno fa vampirerebel said…
i think naruto and sakura will be together because there both main characters and she has ben affectionate about him
più di un anno fa hinatarocks said…
she loves him as a big bro. not as something more u can tell if you have sisters or bro.s i mean realy.
i think everyone that thinks that she loves loves him is putting it a lot stornger than it is
i'm on the side of hinata and naruto because she did die for him!
and she was one of the first girls to love naruto and under stand him. not to for naruto made a blood proimes to her to win aganit Neji the one and only that beat her up infront of him whitch hurt to that alot.(even with the fight with pain). And he also said that he would change the huyga clan too when fight Neji! what that is alot.
Also if some one reads this and tells me that naruto turn nine(4) tails for sakura when fight with orchy your wrong cuz he turn nine(4)tails because he was talking about sasuke.
well thats all i have too said send me so thing if u think i'm wrong or what ever
anyways hinata and naruto will happen
 she loves him as a big bro. not as something più u can tell if te have sisters o bro.s i mean real
più di un anno fa isa_lima10 said…
Yes, i think naruto and sakura will be together.
più di un anno fa kimione said…
sakura loves, has always loved and most probably will always love sasuke. this has been confirmed in the latest manga chapter. i personally never thought sakura is in love with naruto. none of the narusaku moments gave romantic vibes and the confession looked more like a sausaku moment to me, what with sai and naruto repeating sakura loves sasuke again and again. i have always seen just deep friendship between the two and i adore that.
più di un anno fa abhi_animefreak said…
maybe but i hate sakura,naruto is way better than sasuke she always flirts over sasuke even though he dumps her what a drag
più di un anno fa kimione said…
i don't think it's wrong to love sasuke. sakura didn't just see good looks in sasuke (i highly doubt this part too but i don't have the patience to explain how good looks wasn't the reason she fall for sasuke). she saw his good aspects too which the readers have either forgotten or didn't see themselves.
well, personally i feel its wrong to hate a character based on his or her love interest. she's an awesome character, a great medic nin, caring and kind who wishes the best for everyone even if it means sacrificing her own happiness.
più di un anno fa xXitachiXx said…
she act like she dont know who she in love with make up ya mind!!
più di un anno fa rotcalex2011 said…
she did not mean it but after seeing how demonic sasuke has become and he almost KILLED her if naruto killed sasuke then she would 100% truly love him. if that situation does happen then gud for narusaku but otherwise go NARUHINA