Naruto - Shippuden The Twelve Days of Akatsuki Natale

TailsDollFriend posted on Dec 12, 2010 at 07:46PM
On the twelth day of Akatsuki christmas my true love gave to me:
Twelve killing sprees, eleven types of snakes, ten
plant victims, nine fire balls, eight shark teeth,
seven differnt Pains/Peins, six paper cuts, FIVE MILLION RYOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Four puppet traps, three bladed sycthe, two licking hands, and an idiot in an orange mask! *Jazz hands*

I made this song at on the Akatsuki site but I thought that I might as well type it on this site too. I hoped you liked it and happy holidays!

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più di un anno fa sisi_st said…
big smile
Great song
più di un anno fa suukifox said…
thats really good brother diedara ( tailsdollfriend)
più di un anno fa rotcalex2011 said…
i really like the last 1
più di un anno fa k9hatake said…
omg i love it