Naruto - Shippuden Who Will The Last Fight Be Between?

jdack posted on Mar 20, 2011 at 07:15AM
I think sage/nine tails naruto vs madara

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più di un anno fa jdack said…
helpful picture
 helpful picture
più di un anno fa cristina140 said…
naruto vs madara of course.
naruto and sasuke i think they wont fight. masashi kishimoto said that if they fight, will be the last thing he writs
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più di un anno fa banu23 said…
naruto vs sasuke cuz the froq telld naruto that he will fight a guy with a huge power in his eyes and naruto answerd yes i pland for that !
 Naruto vs sasuke cuz the froq telld Naruto that he will fight a guy with a huge power in his eyes and
più di un anno fa momiji625 said…
I think between naruto and madara b/c it wouldn't be a good ending if the last big battle is between naruto and sasuke
più di un anno fa xXitachiXx said…
naruto and sasuke
più di un anno fa rotcalex2011 said…
this id probally a stupid anwser but i think da final battle will be naruto and sasuke vs madara. if naruto cud convince sasuke 2 fight with him den dat wud help alot