what's your Naruto fantasy ending?

I always like to fantasize about the ending of naruto. I always figured a big war would happen, and it did. Then Naruto and sasuke would have a brawl, and they did. But I always assumed they’d both die. But I’m also satisfied with them blowing each others arms off and having a cuore to heart. I can picture them running the village together. And Shikamaru Nara would be their intelligence head, and ino would take after her father. Then way down the line, the two of them pass on. And they should have an extra couple pages where in the afterlife, this happens for both of them.
Sasuke and Itachi meet up, like this, in their younger forms in the afterlife, both free of burdens and happy.
And naruto…
Naruto meets up with his parents in the afterlife, as well as
As well as, meeting up with jiriya
And then, maybe
something like this happens
Maybe these three unisciti up as well, with Jiriya and naruto.
And then Kakashi Hatake and iruka too.
And then I would have a picture of all of these guys sitting down at a giant tavolo and eating, drinking and laughing.
I’d make that the ending.
oh, and before they die, you'd get a shot of Naruto with his head on his angry sons head, and sasuke in front of them, his hand on his angry kids head. then another shot where the two kids are training together. then sasuke off traveling wit suigetsu, karin, and jugo. while orochimaru and kabuto restore the sound ninja village, while researching, but ina proper way. sasuke's group is the go-between for them and the other villages. and orochimaru would've been the one to restore their arms with hashirama's cells.
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gallapeniariana said:
Well he will happily ever after with hinata and he will become the seventh hokage .. and to don't forget about his Friends and his childs
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