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*Hope and Wonder*

Watching and hiding

Behind a tree.

Hoping he doesn't

Notice me.

I see he's determined

To change his fate

I want to change it

Before it's too late.

They detto I'm a failure.

My sister, cousin, and Dad.

But the thing I was lacking

Was something he had

At my first Chuunin exams,

Something I'll never forget.

He helped me change.

At least a little bit.

Sitting in my room

Thinking of that day.

Wondering 'When I see him next,

What am I going to say?'

Then I go to my bed,

Thinking 'When won't I flee?'

And wishing for the day

When he'll acknowledge me.

- Hyuuga Hinata.
posted by lightingchaos1
team7 just add there first fight
with ZABAZA demon of the mist
KAKSHI was in letto after using most
of his power SAKURA and both
SASKUE and there SENSI were bin mean
to Naruto first SAKURA shout at poor Naruto
my poor SASUKE got HIRT becomes of your
te all ways in the way why don't te
DISSAPER te loser and don't come back
detto a very angry SAKURA
te Naruto it wood be best if te were
never on this team to get in the way
detto KAKSHI yeah loser detto SASUKE
oh how sorry they were at that minuto
looking shock at Naruto with blood
coming out his body not red but ice blue
with that Naruto cry sniff in pain
I new from giorno one te 3 hate me
like the rest of the VILLAGE
GESS there all right I am a demon a monster
don't worry te not going to see me ever again
I am going to end it detto Naruto as he run
fast he can to the forest
end of part 1
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Kankuro-Verse 1

It's time for the puppeteer's opening act.
And i'm moving too quickly for te to react.
Your just a nobody from nowhere,and always will be.
Just drop your weapons,you'll never defeat me.

Iv'e got royal family,my father is a kage.
How could a clanless nobody ever try to superiore, in alto me.
My poison is killing,your vision is getting bleary.
At least i 'freakin won a fight at some point in the series.
TenTen-Verse 1

You won once,against someone who had already died.
You could never win a real fight,even if te tried.
With my weapon control,i always win with ease.
My million blade chaos will bring you...
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Rock Lee-Verse 1

"Here i go Gai sensei,now i shall begin!
I will try my hardest to make sure that i win!
With my strength and my speed,this battle is done!
Between te and me Gaara,i think that i have won!

I'll drop te from the sky with my primary lotus!
I'll shatter your ultimate defense as a bonus!
I'm moving to quickly,i know te can't see it!
This Hot Blooded fuoco has just been lit!
Gaara-Verse 1

"Rock Lee hm?Prepare yourself to die.
I want to hear your screams,i want to hear te cry.
There is no escaping it,Mother wants te dead.
So no matter what i have to do,i will have your head.

Resistance is...
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Neji-Verse 1

"I am the prodigal Hyuuga,your are simply a Shame.
And te only have your pathetic skill to blame.
I learned the rotation and the palms without assistance.
The Hyuga Clan's perfection is ruined da your existence.

My byakugan has complete 360 degree vision.
All 64 of my palms hit with with perfect precision.
Your kindness is your weakness,but i think te know.
Destiny decided that you'll never reach Naruto."
Hinata-Verse 1

"Naruto is my idol so don't bring him in this fight.
I lived in a world of darkness,but he came as my light.
He inspired me to get better,and showed me the way.
And hopefully,i'll...
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Ino-Verse 1

"We're best Friends te know,and i hate to affend ya.
But your a wannabe kunoichi,and i'm about to kill ya.
You've got bubblegum hair,and a billboard brow.
Your only purpose in life is following Sasuke around.

Your from a cavillian clan,while my dad is a shinobi.
You'll always be secondo best,you cannot surpass me.
Your a rosa haired punk,i'm the girl of the hour.
My techniques are too strong,so call it fiore power."
Sakura-Verse 1

"Ino,If te died i would never avenge ya.
Actually,you are following my a being a medical Ninja.
When i heard Sasuke joined my team,i shouted hooray.
If te and...
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Naruto-verse 1

"Alright,here i come!The Leaf's greatest ninja!
I will go undefeated,so te can call me John Cena!
I'll blow te away with my Wind Style Ninjutsu!
I don't need a stupid Sharingan to see right through you!

Your the heir to the Uchiha,i contain a Demon Fox!
And your Chidori is weak,Pikachu has a stronger shock!
I'm a Jinchuuriki there's no way te can stop me!
I'm not the one who let Orochimaru take my body!"
Sasuke-Verse 1

"I am the last Uchiha,destined to kill my brother.
while your little più than a weak ramen lover.
My Sharingan will break you,shatter your mind.
When it comes to Leaf...
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posted by TAIKAMODO
Well,we all know how the sharingan has three forms.
Sharingan>Mangekyo Sharingan>Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.Each form is reached da doing progessively darker things,but i'll get to that later.

First,the color schemes.The sharingan is Black and red.The byakugan is white.Black and red is usually a color pattern associated with demonic stuff,right?So,in theory,The Sharingan is the Demon Eye.The white of the Byakugan is the complete opposite,as white represents purity,divine quality.Hence the Byakugan,the Angel Eye.What does this have to do witha possible evolution?Well,i'll explain.

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posted by TN3SoulFairy
Sorry, I ran out of typing space... anyway.
In other words, the Fourth Great Ninja War would have never started, the Nine-Tails would have never attacked the village sixteen years ago, Kakashi Hatake would have never been anbu, Yamato would forever be under the work of Danzo, Naruto wouldn't be a jinjuriki, he would be weaker, HE WOULD BE MENMA!!! I hope te now get all the things that wouldn't have happened if Obito would have never "died." This is just a little bit of the many, many, many things that I and I am sure most of te have figured out about Naruto's life connecting to Obito. I never got to have the joke where I say "What if that dumb guy in the spiral mask is the true enemy in Naruto Shippuden? *Laughs Intensely*" Tell me, how did it feel?
posted by TN3SoulFairy
He has been a big subject ever since the true identity of Tobi/Madara has been released. I have been thinking about the things that would've happened and wouldn't have happened if Obito hadn't "died" eighteen years prior to Naruto's time now. Let's start with right after he died. Chidori would have stayed an incomplete jutsu if Kakashi Hatake hadn't got the sharingan. Minato detto to Kakashi Hatake not to use Chidori after the first time he saw it because he detto it was unstable, making it an incomplete jutsu. That also means that Sasuke wouldn't have half of his jutsu. Next, there is a good chance that Rin...
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Copied and edited from:


I really mean it! What would te be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would te be able to do if Scrivere fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would te do if it's illegal to do a cover of your preferito song on YouTube? What would te do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would te do if SOPA/TPP...
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posted by celia-chan
-During the campana, bell test, when Sakura fainted from seeing his head above ground, and the rest below, Sasuke waited for her to wake up, even though he probably knows he's wasting time.

-When they were escorting Tazuna to the Wave Country, Sasuke rushed in front of Sakura to protect her and Tazuna, even though Kakashi Hatake would have come (of course, he didn't know that but still)

-When Sasuke and Naruto were fighting Haku, Zabuza went to attack Tazuna but Kakashi Hatake protected him and Sakura screamed. When she did, te could hear worry in Sasuke's voice when they heard her.

-During the Chuunin Exams, The...
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posted by JustaNutherKh
 Naruto got the Sharingan :)
Naruto got the Sharingan :)

Lolol...Check it out!











Ok! Check em' out while te can! I looked through every single one up there, and they are ALL pretty good! i still can't believe that there is an artist out there Canto for NARUTO! haha! narutatd's luck!
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posted by sweetheart725
"Girls I,'m going to be your teacher through the rest of training" detto Kurenai as she looked over at Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Tenten and Temari. "Why do I have to participate in this?" asked Temari. "Well","You don't have to participate the whole time" detto Kurenai. "OK" Temari detto with a nod of her head. Kurenai then led the girls around a corner. "This is where we will be training" detto Kurenai with a smile. The girls looked around. "Woo hoo", "Is this where were training Kakashi Hatake sensei?" asked a familar voice. "No" detto Kakashi Hatake Hatake who was sitting a superiore, in alto a treetop. Then he looked down. "Hello...
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Aburame Shibi
Name Meaning: Aburame="Oil Woman"; Shibi=A type of tile, also a location

Aburame Shino
Name Meaning: Aburame="Oil Woman"; Shino=Potentially meant to be same kanji as in "shinobi"

Akadou Yoroi
Name Meaning: Akadou="Red Body"; Yoroi="Armor"

Name Meaning: Aka in kanji can mean "light" o "red"; Hoshi="Star"

Akimichi Chouji
Name Meaning: Akimichi="Autumn Road"; Chou="Butterfly" ji=can mean child o love

Akimichi Chouza
Name Meaning: Akimichi="Autumn Road"; Chou=Butterfly za=can mean sitting down o seat

Name Meaning: Ayame=An iris flower, a pattern and a name

Name Meaning: Similar...
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posted by JustaNutherKh
 Sebastian :3
Sebastian :3
"Talia! Its time to wake up!" Sakura said. She pulled back the covers on my letto and turned the light on. Sebastian, who was right successivo to me, opened his eyes and yawned."Morning already?" he stretched, The slowly sat up and yawned again. His athletic body flexing with the movement. I groaned and covered my head with my pillow."No. I am tired from last nights fiasco. Cant i at LEAST get a good nights rest?" The attack from yesterday left the energy out of me, and I just curled up successivo to Sebastian and slept for the whole day. Sebastian didnt complain. Sakura just shook her head and Yanked the...
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posted by JustaNutherKh
"Talia-chan. Its time to wake up." Hinata's soft voice filled her entirely too-small bedroom."No. I REFUSE to wake up, No matter what." I roll over from the warm spot on my mat into the cold part and pulled the cuscino over my head."Talia, Dont make me get the bucket." I peek out from under my cuscino and glared at her. Hinata is always an early bird. She already had her fuzzy, Purple cappotto on and a pair of purple jeans on. She had a pair of blue shoes on also. Her headband was around her Neck. I could see she had a glass of water."YOU WOULDNT!" I bolted from my letto and ran schiaffo, smack into the wall."...
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posted by JustaNutherKh
The giorno when Naruto arrived, the world was perfect. I just moved in, so i was still getting used to the face that i was a ninja and that Sasuke was a bunch better than me. it all began like this..................The clock above the door ticked, counting the last 5 minuti of the period away. I just finished my Accuracy test, and i leaned back and waited for the others to finish. The Sensai collected my papers, and turned his back to the class. Now was my chance to Aim for Sasuke's head. I quietly unzipped my pouch and took out a Kunai. I aimed, and threw it at his papers. Then i picked up a...
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BEFORE ANYONE READS THIS THEY HAVE TO HAVE FINISHED Leggere THE Naruto MANGA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mū finishes summoning Kabuto’s trump card, whose power makes the coffins lid burst open. Madara gets out of the coffin, figuring Nagato grew.Madara was a little confused, thinking it had been brought back with Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique.He would only know nagato IF he didnt die after fighting the first hockage.Plus the only ones that knew of Nagato`s jutsu was tobi and konan.Possibly Zetsu too since he like tobi`s right hand man.Madara died planning to be revived...
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