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skulls81 posted on Feb 17, 2012 at 08:48PM
Which side are you on? I am on Naruto's side because he wants peace through kindness and love, but Sasuke wants revenge for no reason other to make others feel his pain.

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più di un anno fa anaklusmus17 said…
i am on naruto's side because he is awesome and for the reason you said skulls
i dont like sasuke because he is a EMOwho acts like a retart
i respect him for his strength and courage but he is soo depressing
plus he needs to pick a destination and stay there. he cant be moving around the places all the time. and the same problem with his goals. one minute he wants to kill itachi. then danzo. the he wants to destroy konoha. then he wants to kill naruto. MAKE UP YOUR MIND DAMN IT. i dont think i need anymore reasons. SO.......NARUTO FAN FOR LIFE.
più di un anno fa Naru-chan101 said…
IM ON NARUTOS SIDE!!! X3 i also think sasuke is to depressing Naruto is just perfect for me hes funny, kind, loving he would make the best friend ever! iv always wanted to give him a big bear hugg for all his hard work!
più di un anno fa senbonzakura04 said…