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 Road To Ninja Neji and Hinata
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posted by rusty746454
Kabuto Yakushi is Orochimaru's former personal medic, assistant, and general right-hand man.


As a young boy, Kabuto was found amongst the enemy dead after the Battle of Kikyo Pass da a chief medical officer of the Konoha Medical Unit Squad. The officer brought Kabuto with him back to Konoha, raised him as a son, and taught him medical jutsu when he got older. At some point in time, Kabuto was recruited da Sasori of Akatsuki, who sent Kabuto to spy on Orochimaru da using Brainwashing Investigation Technique to transform him into a sleeper agent. Orochimaru discovered this, and released...
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posted by rusty746454
Many people may not have known but it is tobi who is calling the shots in the akatsuki. Pein was ordered by madara to attack the villlage and take naruto while they were getting the other beast from the lighting village {village hidden in the clouds}. Pein left with konan and only 4 of his bodies since two of them well killed by jirya. Knowing that pein was comeing for him naruto decided to train in the natural arts and become a sage {like jirya}. As the village was under attack many people are unknown to be alive {kakashi, shizune,}. The battle rage's on and it seems as though the...
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