NCIS - Unità anticrimine Best word to describe.......[Round 35-ALIYAH] [OPEN]

friendsfan101 posted on May 20, 2010 at 09:02PM
Hey guys! Since Dannii isn't available to keep doing the Best Word to Describe Contest, she's asked me to take over, you go! I'll be copying and pasting her description since I suck at describing forum stuff.

I stole this from huddysmacked on the CSI:NY Spot. So it goes like this I post something related to NCIS and you can only use 2 TWO words to describe it. Watch out for the rules.
It will be by rounds, rounds will last 1 week and then I'll make a pick to chose the one they liked the best.
REMEMBER only TWO words and ONE entry.
The winner gets props.
It's not valid to use the same word as other fan.
Don't vote for yourself.
BTW This description is also from CSI:NY as I'm not very good at describing things lol.

Round 1 [GIBBS] Winner - TypicalSquint - Silver Fox
Round 2 [ZIVA] Winner - Blue85 - Skilled Seductress
Round 3 [TONY] Winner - TypicalSquint - McTease
Round 4 [ABBY] Winner - Blue85 - Gothic Beauty
Round 5 [MCGEE] Winner - Natulle - Probie
Round 6 [DUCKY] Winner - Blue85 - Scottish Gentleman
Round 7 [JENNY] Winner - Blue85 - Fiesty Redhead
Round 8 [PALMER] Winner - Lie_To_Me_123 - Autopsy Gremlin
Round 9 [VANCE] Winner - Blue85 - An Enigma
Round 10 [TIVA] Winner - Blue85 - Soulmates
Round 11 [KATE] Winner - Natulle - Missed
Round 12 [ARI] Winner - ziva_rocks - Manipulative Charmer
Round 13 [MCABBY] Winner - Blue85 - McAdorable
Round 14 [FORNELL] Winner - Blue85 - Gibbs Wingman
Round 15 {TOC] Winner - Lie_to_Me_123 - Epic Rescue
Round 16 {JACKSON GIBBS] Winner - NCIS_Addict_87 - Heartland General
Round 17 [GIBBS AND SHANNON FIRST MEETING] Winner - Blue85 - Love at First Sight
Round 18 [ WINNER- link - link
Round 19 link -Winner link
Good Luck Everybody and Get Describing! xD
Round 20-link WINNER-link
Round 21- link WINNER link
Round 22- link WINNER- link
Round 23- link WINNER link
Round 24- link WINNER- link
Round 25-link WINNER-link
Round 26- link WINNER- link
Round 27- link WINNER- link
Round 28-link WINNER- link
round 29-link - WINNER- link
Round 30- link- WINNER link
Round 31- link-WINNER link
Round 32- link- WINNER link
Round 33-link-WINNER-link
Round 34-MICHELLE LEE-pick in progress
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