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10 Ways to Annoy Edward Cullen

10. Sing “Discovery Channel” da the Bloodhound Gang in your head whenever he is near.

9. Hotwire his Volvo and take it on a joyride.

8. Tell him the relationship he is having with Bella is practically paedophilia and he could be sent to jail for it.

7. Ask how Tanya is.

6. End every argument with “Bite me, Edward.”

5. Call him Romeo both behind his back and to his face.

4. Whenever he complains o argues, reply with “What are te gonna do Edward? Go to Italy?”

3. Tell him his hair isn’t bronze, its ginger, and he should stop denying himself – he’s...
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Yesterday was November 20,2009! A big giorno for twilighters! I for one consider myself The Twilight Saga's BIGGEST fan! Yesterday I saw the phenomanal movie twice and I am not sick of it! The movie is a perfect blend of action and romance. Happiness and deppression. (Although the secondo time I saw it there were commenti made da some VERY RUDE PEOPLE in the front!)
I loved the movie, and although they cut out a few parts I really wanted to see, it was a fabulous movie. I CANNOT wait until it comes out on DVD!!!!

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