When the pizza came we all sat down and watched the movie. Harry and kate sat beside each other, kinga and Louis sat beside each other, i sat alone and niall sat alone. The movie was really funny. Suddenly, my leg vibrated. It was my phone. It was a text message from harry. I read it:

“i am SO getting that £5!”
I replied:
“what makes te think that?”
He replied:
“niall has been staring at te for 10 minutes. X”
Omg! I replied:
“what? Omg!”

He just looked over at me. kate was asleep so she didn’t see him text me. i gave him a look. He stuck out his tongue at me. aw i Amore harry! But not as a boyfriend, as a brother. He is definitely the one that im closets to out of the boys. I cant wait until zayn and liam come back from their holidays in spain either, because i miss them! Especially zayn saying ‘vass happenin’ all the time! After harry stopped texting me i watched the movie again. It was over. I really wanted to watch that! Harry woke kate up. “uhh! Why are we still here?” she moaned. Isn’t she just lovely? Louis jumped up. “who wants to play basketball?” he said.

“i don’t mind.” We all said.
“can we play calcio instead?” niall asked.
“ok then, why?” i asked.
“because i can actually play soccer!”
“ha ha ok! What are the teams?”
“um, what about niall, kate and harry vs me, Louis and leah.” Kinga said.
“noooooo! Im not being with blondy!” kate groaned.
“fine then, te be with me and Louis instead of leah.”

Kate stuck out her tongue at harry. “we’re gonna beat te bad!” she teased. “in your dreams!” harry laughed. “our team are called the carrots!” Louis roared. “no pigs.” Kinga argued.
“no we are called the pinkys.” Kate interrupted. We all burst out laughing.

“whats so funny?” kate growled at us. We all stepped back. “thats a great name babes.” Harry smiled, fakely. “but our name is better.” He grinned. “what is it?” kate asked, rolling her eyes. harry looked at me and niall. “the butt monkeys!” he said, proudly. Me and niall burst out laughing. Everyone just looked at us weirdly except harry so we just giggled amongst ourselves in the corner.

Harry smirked at me. i knew what he was thinking. He really wanted to win that bet and da the way me and niall were acting, i think he might! Yay! But i don’t know why he wants to win so much, its only £5!I gave him a look. Kate saw me and slapped me. “ow!” i screamed. She just scowled at me. “ok lets go outside!” Louis said, quickly, trying to change the subject.

Louis, harry, kate, kinga and niall all walked out, i followed. And niall held the door for me. aw how cute!