Kinga and Louis went home soon after that. Then we got to harry’s house. Kate and harry went in home. Me and niall were left alone. “so, did te like your first giorno at school?” i asked him. “ya, it was really fun. Drama was a bit weird though!” he replied. I knew what he was talking about. “ya, um.... about that, i didn’t mean what i said, im just really into irish accents.” I lied. “its ok. So what number house do te live in?” he asked. “70, you?” i asked him. “62. We must be on the same avenue!” he smiled. “cool. I can annoy te whenever i want then.” I laughed.

“not if i annoy te more! Ha ha!” he giggled. We got to niall’s house. “see te tomorrow.” I smiled. “do te want to come over later? Harry and Louis are and i’d say kate and kinga are as well.” He asked. “ya sure, what time will i call over?” i asked. “around seven.” He replied. “ok then, see te later! Bye.” I detto before walking away. I couldn’t wait to go to his house! I got to my house and opened the door. My sister agrifoglio was sitting on the last step of the stairs, pussing. What did she do this time i wonder?

“hi holly.” I smiled. “GOOO AWAY!” she roared. “Its nice to see te too!” i joked. She scowled over at me. i felt i should maybe leave. When i got into the cucina my mom was making dinner. “hey.” I detto to her. “oh hi love! Did te have a nice giorno at school?” she smiled. “ya there is a new boy called niall. He’s very funny. I don’t think kate likes him though.” i laughed. “why?” she asked.“i don’t know. Maybe she does like him but she was in a bad mood today. She threw a pallacanestro, basket at his head!” i giggled. “how nice.” My mom detto sarcastically. I went upstairs and into my room.

It was a mess and i couldn’t find my phone anywhere. Come heather my phone-ether! Then Jessie-j price tag came on. It was my phone! I listened very carefully. It was under my bed. Im guessing agrifoglio put it there.I texted kate:

“hey! U cumin 2 niall’s later?xxx”

She replied:

“unfortunately, yes. Harry’s making me go:( xx”

Aww! Poor kate! Ha ha!If kates going i presume kinga will be going too so i didn’t bother texting her. I quickly jumped into the doccia and got ready. I threw on something comfortable because i couldn’t be bothered dressing up.I checked the time. It was 6:55pm. I’ll go in about 10 minutes. I want to be ‘fashionably late’ ha ha! Not really!I went into my sisters room to see what she was doing. She was watching TV. “hi holly.” I smiled at her, hoping her mood had improved.

She gave me a big hug. “can i play with your phone?” she asked. “ya, sure.” I answered. I handed her my phone and sat beside her. “where are te going?” she asked. “to a boy called niall’s house.” I replied. “ooh! Is her your boyfriend?” she teased. “no holly.” I laughed. “will te bring him over here the successivo time?” she asked. “ya i will, why?” i asked. “because i want to see if he is hot.” She said. i couldn’t believe my ears! My 4 anno old sister wants me to bring over a guy to see if he is hot!