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 AMA's 2015
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Niall Horan
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This Niall Horan foto contains completo, vestito di affari, vestito, vestito di abiti, and vestito dei vestiti. There might also be double breasted, abito doppio petto, a tre pezzi, abito tre pezzi, and gessato.

So last week, Niall Horan did a LiveStream and, luckily, I got about 15 minuets of his time! The hardest part was getting his attention. Anyways, I have the entire LiveStream of just what I typed, and what he said!

Me: ciao Niall! I am an digital articolo writer (and a huge fan) and since te are Live right now, I was wondering if I could have a little interview with te to write about.

Niall: For what?

Me: what?

Niall: What do te write for?

Me: um

Niall: I'm just kidding! Sure! Ask away!

Me: te buttface.

Niall: Ha Ha!

Me: Anyways, my first domanda for te is, how was your birthday?

Niall: Great!...
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