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trueshadowwolf detto …
shes hot... postato più di un anno fa
trueshadowwolf commentato…
and sometimes terrifying più di un anno fa
LoneWOLF2272 detto …
First person to post on Nicole's club? WHATS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!! Oh sorry hehe sorta Lost it there ^^'' Anyways Nicole is my absolute preferito character on the show! (besides Gumball) She is such a good hardworking mother with that awesome badass temper she releases upon her foes! te go Nicole! postato più di un anno fa
LoneWOLF2272 detto …
If the creator of this club is still around, can u please change the name to "Nicole" instead of "Nichole" Nicole is the correct way to spell her name. Thanks X3 postato più di un anno fa